Pot of Gold Sticky Wall Craft

This colourful pot of gold craft is an amazing activity to do this St Patrick’s Day. Create a fun sticky wall kids both big and small can enjoy!

I love contact paper! I love how versatile it is and how many fun and amazing crafts and activities you can do with it.

We have done a ton of different contact paper activities but this one is definitely my new favourites. The results are gorgeous and the best part is that you don’t have to take the stick wall down right after they complete it. You can remove the shapes and have them repeat the activity the next day.

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How to set up Pot of Gold Craft

Grab your contact paper and masking tape. Tape your contact paper up on the wall with the sticky side facing out.

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Cut out a pot for the pot of gold out of the black construction paper. Stick the pot of gold up in the corner of the sticky wall.

Using the markers or sharpies in all the colours of the rainbow and draw lines for the rainbow coming from the pot of gold. Make sure to leave a little room in between where the rainbow will start and where the pot of gold is.

For this activity you can either sort your foam shapes into colourful bowls by colour or you can let your little one sort them on the rainbow. Finally, add the gold coins to a bowl and place everything in front of the contact paper.

How they played

For Toddlers: Toddlers will require lots of assistance and direction with this activity. Show them where each coloured foam shape goes on the rainbow and where the gold coins should go.

For Preschoolers: Preschoolers will be able to match the foam shapes with little to no assistance. You can also have them stick one shape at a time, for instance have them stick up all the circles first and then the squares and so on.

For Kindergartners: Kindergartners will be able to match the foam shapes to the rainbow without assistance. You can modify this activity and have them create patterns with the shapes.


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My twins are 24 months old and Z is 5.5 years old.


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