40+ Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities & Crafts

Looking for exciting and fun ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your toddler or preschooler? Check out out these amazing of 40+ St Patrick’s Day activities and crafts for kids.

St Patrick’s Day is a fun time to create a rainbow craft or a doing a fun green themed activity. It’s just a great time to set up an activity to help to keep the busy and learning.

Whether is an easy green themed water sensory bin or textured rice suncatcher, this round up has everything your little one will love to do!

The main thing I like about St Patrick’s Day is the opportunity to do rainbow activities. This makes the perfect time to talk about colours with toddlers and preschoolers.

It’s also the perfect time to create a colourful or unique craft with your kindergartner.

Check out these 35 fun St Patrick’s Day sensory bins and crafts!

St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins

  1. Mix the Rainbow Rice by Happy Toddler Playtime (good for toddlers)
  2. ST. PATRICK’S DAY SENSORY BIN AND ACTIVITIES by Fun Fantastic and Learning
  3. Water Play Activity for St. Patrick’s Day Happy Toddler Playtime (good for toddlers)
  4. St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin by Gifts of Curiosity (good for toddlers)
  5. Shamrock Foam Dough Hidden Shapes Tray By Crayon Box Chronicles
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin by Rolling Prairie Readers
  7. Sensory soup activity for St. Patrick’s Day by And Next Comes L
  8. Gold Coin Dig in shaving cream by Simple Play Ideas (good for toddlers)
  9. Slime for St. Patrick’s Day by Views from the Ville
  10. Gold Glitter and Shamrock Confetti Slime by Emily Enchanted
  11. Rainbow in a Bag – No Mess Art by Powerful Mothering
  12. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Stamps: Play Dough Activity by Happy Toddler Playtime

St Patrick’s Arts & Crafts

  1. Shamrock Sun Catcher Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Cotton Ball Shamrock Painting by Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamping by Crafty Mornings (good for toddlers!)
  4. Easy Shamrock Craft by Crafts on the Sea (good for toddlers!)
  5. Paper Plate Tambourine for St Patrick’s Day by Red Ted Art
  6. Leprechaun beard from No Time For Flashcards
  7. COLOUR MIXING ACTIVITY FOR ST PATRICKS DAY by Crafts by the Sea (good for toddlers!)
  8. Mosaic shamrocks by Happiness is Homemade
  9. Paper Plate and Handprint Leprechaun Mask by Kids Craft Room
  10. Leprechaun Handprint Craft For St. Patrick’s Day by Simple Everyday Mom
  11. Paper plate shamrock twirler by I Heart Crafty Things
  12. St Patrick’s Day Shamrock by The Resourceful Mama
  13. Eraser stamp shamrock by Embracing Creativity
  14. St Patricks Day Windsocks by I Heart Crafty Things
  15. Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft for Preschoolers by Red Ted Art
  16. St. Patrick’s Day Water Painting for Babies & Toddlers by Happy Toddler Playtime

St Patrick’s Rainbow Crafts

  1. Kitchen Utensil Rainbow Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Cupcake Liner pot of gold craft by I heart Crafty Things
  3. Pot of Gold Sticky Wall Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime (good for toddlers)
  4. Paper Plate Rainbow Craft by The Peaceful Nest Blog
  5. Shamrock Rainbow by Housing a Forest
  7. Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime
  8. Rainbow Preschool craft by The Nerd’s Wife
  9. Potato Masher Rainbow Craft by Happy Toddler Playtime (good for toddlers!)
  10. Rainbow & Pot of Gold Chain Necklace Craft by Craft Mornings
  11. St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Sponge Painting by Frugal Mom Eh

St Patrick’s Day Activities

  1. Pot of Gold Number Hunt by Toddler Approved
  2. St. Patrick’s Day play dough by Plain Vanilla Mom
  3. Build a Book Rainbow by Happy Toddler Playtime
  4. Cut the Leprechaun’s Beard: Fine Motor Activity by Happy Toddler Playtime
  5. Shamrock Counting Wands: St Patricks Day Math by Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Feed the Leprechaun Rainbow Cookie Game by Happy Toddler Playtime
  7. Name Sorting Activity by Happy Toddler Playtime


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