Rainbow Dice Sensory Bottle

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I am seriously in love with this mesmerizing sensory bottle for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sensory bottles make great quiet time activities for my busy twin toddlers. I find the best way to introduce sensory bottles is to leave them in places where I know my twins will discover them on their own. My twins loved shaking this colourful sensory bottle back and forth and came back to it several times during the day.

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Here’s how to set Rainbow Dice Sensory Bottle!

The set up for this activity is very simple. I have 14 month old twins so I ended up making two sensory bottles.

Grab your plastic Voss water bottle or any plastic water bottle with a large enough opening.

Add your dice in all different colours of the rainbow. I added about ten dice in different colours. Then fill the bottle with clear hand soap leaving a small amount of room for warm water.

Next, add some warm water and seal tightly. Shake the bottle to mix the water and hand soap.

Sensory Bottle Tips

After you shake your sensory bottle it will be full of bubbles. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes and the bubble will disappear. The longer you let it rest the clearer the bottle will become.

If you want your dice to fall faster add more water but if you want them to fall slower add more hand soap.

Counting with Your Toddler

It is never too early to start exposing your little one to numbers and counting. Numerical literacy is something even young toddlers can grasps even if they cannot repeat it yet.

Calming Sensory Bottle

This sensory bottle was amazing to watch and even my 4 year old enjoyed flipping it back and forth.

It took about 10 to 15 seconds for all the dice to fall from the top to bottom but that’s 10 to 15 seconds of calming and mesmerizing sensory fun!


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4 comments on “Rainbow Dice Sensory Bottle”

    1. Avatar photo

      Baby oil would work but the dice will fall faster since the oil is slightly thinner than the soap. I tried using baby oil when I first made these but switched to soap so that the dice cascaded down a bit slower.

  1. How long does the foam take to go away. I did mine yesterday at 6pm and still foggy. I have tired 3 times and still the same.

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Diane! I’m sorry you are having trouble. It will take some time for all the bubbles to disappear at lest 24 hours. To be completely clear even after you shake it will take a day or more depending on how much hand soap you use verses water and the type of soap. If you have a lot of foam on the top try to add a very small amount of water to allow the foam to flow out. But not too much that you make the dice flow too fast. Also make sure to fill the bottle as close to the top as possible to remove all the air so the bubbles don’t form again after you seal it.