18 Easy Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

INSIDE: 18 beautiful and easy to create poppy crafts for Remembrance Day, Veterans Day or Anzac Day or kids to create and to remember those that gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. These are wonderful ways to help the next generation of citizens understand and learn about the sacrifices previous generations made for their country.

A Day of Remembrance

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada and United States its called Veteran’s Day. It is also observed in the UK on the closest Sunday to November 11th. in Australia Anzac Day is commemorated on April 25th and marks the anniversary of the first key military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

What is Remembrance Day?

Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11th of every year to honor and memorialize both soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in times of war.

Why Poppies as the symbol of Remembrance?

In 1915, a Canadian doctor, John McCrae, wrote a poem about the horrors he saw in the Flanders area of Belgium and in northern France during the First World War. What he saw in the war torn country deeply affected hime. The land was destroyed by large battles, and many soldiers were buried there.

However, despite the devastation of war, the wild poppies survived, thrived and grew. Dr McCrae’s poem was published in Punch magazine, and the poppy quickly became the symbol of remembrance.

How to explain Remembrance Day to Kids?

When I used to do Remembrance Day crafts with my toddlers, I kept the conversation on why were making poppy crafts simple. We are making poppies to help remember soldiers who fought for Canada. Lots of questions came after that of course! What’s a solider? Who did they fight? I told her that soldiers were people who sign up to defend country and help people inside Canada and outside. They fought because some people outside Canada needed out help.

For little kids, keep it simple and you can add further details as they get older. The important thing is to make sure that they understand that on Remembrance Day our job is to simply remember those soldiers and what they did.

Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

Remembrance Day Crafts

I remember Remembrance Day celebration as a child in school and when my kids were home with me full time, I wanted to make sure that we honored the day even if we didn’t attend a formal event. These crafts are the perfect way to allow little ones to get involved in this special day the remember those stepped up when their country called upon them.

Check out these fun and easy poppy crafts for kids.

Remembrance and Veteran Day Crafts

Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

Puffy Tissue Paper Poppy Craft – Happy Hooligans

Poppy craft made from paper plates – Laughing Kids Learn

Egg Carton Poppies for Remembrance Day Crafts – Happy Hooligans

Poppy Plate Weaving – Make It Your Own

Red memorial poppy craft using a cupcake liner – Laughing Kids Learn

Easy Handprint Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Day – Red Ted Art

Beautiful Watercolor Poppy Art Kids can Make – Projects with Kids

Pool Noodle Poppy Art – Ridgy Didge Resources

Corked Painted Poppy Art – Hodge Podge Crafts

Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

Easy Remembrance Day Poppy Craft – Messy Little Monster

Pretty Paper Poppies Craft – I Heart Craft Things

Painted Coffee Filter Poppy Craft for Remembrance Day – Painted Coffee Filter – Happy Hooligans

Torn Poppy Craft – Housing A Forest

Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids – Crafty Morning

Field of Poppies Art for Kids – Danya Banya

Make your own Flanders Field poppies – Moms Town

Poppy Suncatchers for Preschoolers – Red Ted Art

Popsicle Stick Poppy Kids Craft for November 11th – Champagne and Sugar Plum


Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

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