Rescue the Zoo Animals

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Inside: Rescue the Zoo Animals is a super easy fine motor activity for toddlers. Break the zoo animals free from their baggies!

This was a super simple zoo themed activity for toddlers and turned into a very fun activity for my 27 month twins.

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We were going to visit the zoo the next day and I wanted to do a few quick zoo themed activities for them and this definitely fit the bill.

free the zoo animals fine motor activity for toddlers

The set up for this activity is super simple. Grab all your zoo animals and bunch of ziplock bags that they will fit into.

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Place one animal into each of the bags and seal it tight. Line them all up and let your toddler discover them after nap time. That is how I introduced this activity and seeing all the animals in bags definitely peeked their interest.

free the zoo animals fine motor activity for toddlers

What to Talk About

As the investigated the bags, I asked them what the names of the animals were and what sound they made. For my older daughter I asked her what she thought they ate or what ate them and where they lived.

Free the Zoo Animals

Finally, I asked them if they could rescue the animals from the ziplock bags. I showed the how, by separating the the two sides of the bag and pulling. It took them a few tries to get it but they quickly caught on couldn’t wait to free the rest!

free the zoo animals fine motor activity for toddlers

Total Hit

This was a complete success with my toddlers and sooo easy to create. They must have took the animals out and them put them back again 4 or 5 times in one sitting and them again after dinner.

Putting the animals back is also a great fine motor activity and they may need some assistance with this but it was just as fun.

Don’t forget to play up the rescue the animals aspect of this activity to increase the fun!


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free the zoo animals fine motor activity for toddlers

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