Rocking Ladybug Craft for Spring

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AHEAD: Rocking Ladybug Craft is an adorable paper plate craft for toddlers and preschooler to do this Spring Day. Create these beautiful ladybug that moves using dot makers!

Spring is in the Air?

Spring is in the air and I am conflicted! I love spring. It is my favourite season. But I also love to ski and since the ski resorts in my area only just opened up last weekend I am not ready to welcome in spring just yet. In fact I am wishing for snow, snow and more snow!

But Mother Nature has her own ideas and has been giving up very spring like weather recently. And with that the bugs and ladybugs have already started to make their appearance in our backyard. So I decided to make these adorable ladybug crafts with my mini preschoolers and they loved it!

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How to Make Rocking LadyBugs

  1. Grab your white paper plate and red dot marker and invite your toddler to cover the enter underside of the white paper plate with red dots! It doesn’t matter if they cover the entire plate just let them have fun and dot away! Set it aside to dry.
  2. Cut out a large circle and several smaller circles out of black construction paper.
  3. Once your paper plate is dry, fold it in half. Glue the large black circle to one end of the folded plate.
  4. Attach the googley eyes on the black head using glue.
  5. Glue the smaller black dots all over the ladybug.
  6. Use a single hole punch to make a hole in the head of the ladybug. Push a pipe cleaner through the hole and twist it around to create antenna.
  7. I glued six legs to the ladybug high enough so that it can still rock but I would recommend skipping this part. The lady bugs rocks better without the legs!

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My happy kids are 6.5 years and 3 years old.


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  • White Paper Plate
  • Red Dot Marker
  • Googley eyes
  • Black construction paper
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Single Hole Punch


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