Snowy Owl Potato Masher Craft

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This winter we were lucky enough to have a family of owls nest in one of the trees in our backyard. Although it was very difficult to see them during the day, we were able to see them flying around at night with the light from our house shining in our backyard.

Talking about them and drawing them became a favourite topic for my happy four year old so I decided to create this fun and easy craft using my favourite creative kitchen tool – a round potato masher!

Here’s how we go started!

Gather your supplies.

Next, cut out the eyes, beak and feet from the black and yellow construction paper. Do not make the same mistake I made and make your eyes too big for your owl’s face. For the beak you can either have it flat or have it sticking out.

For a flat beak just cut out a triangle and for a beak that stands out, fold the black construction paper and cut out a triangle.

For the eyes, glue the black inner part of the owl’s eye onto the yellow part. Add a small white dot using the white liquid chalk marker. This will create an iris.

Make the Tree

To make the tree trunk and branch that your snowy owls will perch on, cut out a L shape from the brown construction paper. Glue it to the black paper.

Make the Snowy Owls

Pour the white paint into a bowl or plate and then dip your round potato masher into the paint. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the potato masher. Then stamp it just above the branch.

To make the snowy owl’s body you can either make two stamps or one.

While the paint is still wet, stick your pre-made eyes onto the head of the snowy owl. Stick the beak just below the eyes.

You can use glue to do this as well. Add the glue to the back of the eyes and beak before sticking them into the paint.

Next, add the feet of the snowy owls using the glue. This is going to be the trickiest part for your little one to do. You can have them stick down the legs and you can add the toes if they are having trouble with the smaller pieces.

Falling Snow

Finally, its time to create the falling snow and the snow that has collected on the tree and branch.

You can either have your little one use their fingers to paint the snow on the branch and tree or you can have them use a q-tip.

Paint falling snow all around the owls using either your fingers or a q-tip.

Fun Craft

This was a very fun and challenging craft. For younger children (toddlers and young preschoolers) you may need to help them with sticking down the smaller pieces. But this craft is a great way to strengthen fine motor muscles.

For older kids, it it a great opportunity to talk more about the natural environment during winter and winter animals. You can talk about other animals that have white fur or feathers and why they are that colours.

This activity was a perfect way to spend an afternoon with my four year old but it also would work well in a classroom setting during a winter unit!


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