Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

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With the weather heating up outdoors, water tables make the perfect outdoor play accessory for your toddler or preschooler. Keep them engaged with their water table with this fun and easy to set up outer space water table activity.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

Best Water Tables for Kids

If you are looking for more water table ideas for your kids, check out this amazing post here with 40+ ways to keep your child’s water table engaging all summer long.

Water tables are a great way to keep little kids busy and engaged at home during the summer. Water table especially in the summer is perhaps the best outdoor activity for kids. It’s super easy to set up and armed with a few activity ideas you can keep them coming back to it and playing for hours all summer long.

Plus the learning potential with your water table and this outer space sensory is incredible. While playing they will be working on their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sensory exploration, social skills, enhances focus and concentration skills and math skills.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

Choosing a Water Table

If you are looking to purchase a water table for your little one there are few things to keep in mind:

  1. Play Accessories
  2. Size
  3. Drainage & Shelter
  4. Clean Up

Check out my post of The Best Water Tables for Hours of Outdoor Play for more tips on choosing the best water table for your child.

Here are is a selection of my favorite tables:

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

How to Set Up A Outer Space Water Table

To create this outer space sensory bin I used out Creativity for Kids Outer Space Sensory Bin. We were given this sensory bin for a instagram post recently and we loved it. But if you know me and sensory bins I love to get creative with them. So I knew that we were not just going to play with this bin in the bin they provide.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

First let me tell you about the Creativity for Kids sensory bin. They come with everything that you need to create a sensory bin. All the sensory bin filler with are colorful space rocks, toys and accessaries which include an astronaut, squishy alien, foam planets, glow in the dark stars, spirals and sparkly pom poms as well as the fine motor tools, such as the tongs and scoopers.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

Everything comes inside a medium sized sensory bin perfect for 1 or 2 children playing. Even three can comfortably play with this bin. All my kids played with this sensory bin and loved it.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

The great this about this bin is that everything included also happens to be water proof. So I decided to experiment and see if we could add the entire contents of the bin into our sensory bin.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

First I added the spaces rocks which are actually just colored rocks. They did amazingly well in the water and remained on the bottom of the water table the entire time.

Super Easy Outer Space Water Table Activity

I also added all the contents of the bin including the pom poms. All of the foam space shapes floated with added to the fun as did the astronaut and alien and pom poms.

How They Played

This sensory bin was made for water play. The first thing she did was use the fine motor scooper which had small holes in. Scooping the water in it made a super cool water shower effect that she loved. Since most of the accessories and toys floated it made it super easy to interact with.

Clean Up

To clean up with water table, I grabbed a strainer and before releasing the plus on my water table to drain the water I placed the strainer under the opening to catch any rocks that slipped through.

Once all the water was gone I scooped out the rocks back into sensory bin along with all other other items. Then I dried everything with a towel, Put the lid back on my sensory bin for the next!

Age Level

My kids are 4, 4 and 7. This water table activity is ideal for kids 3 years +.

Mess Level

This is a mess level is low to medium. This water table is ideal for outdoor play but can be done indoors and the mess level is fairly low.

Difficulty to Create


Skills Developed in Outer Space Water Table

Colour recognition, language development, hand-eye coordination, gross motor fine motor skills, imaginative play, creativity, social skills, focus and concentration.

Supplies for Outer Space Water Table

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Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids

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