40+ Fun & Easy Summer Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

AHEAD: Over 40 Fun and Easy Summer crafts that you can do with your kids this summer. Fill hours this summer with exciting and simple crafts they will love. Some of these craft make great outdoor activities while others are fun for when the weather turns rainy or too hot and you are forced to stay inside. All of these crafts are good for toddlers and preschooler but if you also have an older child they will love them too! They are for kids of all ages!! Get ready to get crafty this summer with all these colorful and joyous craft ideas!

Summer Arts & Crafts!

Now that school is almost out – I wanted to create a blog post that would make it easy for you to plan a few kid friendly crafts to do this summer. One of my current obsessions when it comes to kid crafts is the potato masher. Who knew that it could be used to create so many fun creatures!

When using the potato masher you are only limited by your imagination. It’s easy to use and a great art tool for toddlers and preschoolers. It is also something that everyone either has already in their kitchen or can include in their craft supplies! Here is a list of simple crafts that you can do today with a few basic supplies. So if it’s a rainy summer day or if it’s too hot to be outside and you have a bored toddler or preschooler on your hand this is the list for you!

I have also have included a list of the basic supplies that you’ll need for these crafts.

Basic Supply List

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40+ Fun & Easy Summer Crafts

  1. Shower Curtain Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Bubble Printed Butterfly Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. Sandpaper Sandcastle Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  4. Scrape Painted Ice Cream Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  5. Cardboard Tent Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Fly Swatter Painting Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  1. Watermelon Sponge Painting – Fantastic Fun and Learning
  2. Button Snail Craft For Kids – I Heart Arts n Crafts
  3. Paper & Cupcake Liner Lemonade Craft – Glued to My Craft Blog
  4. Fingerprint Baseball Craft for Kids – Crafty Morning
  5. Felt Pretend Play Popsicles – Kid Craft Idea For Summer – Glued To My Craft Blog
  6. Handprint Fish Puppets – Glued to My Craft Blog
  1. How to Make Sidewalk Chalk for Outdoor Summer Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime
  2. Dandelion Snail Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  3. How to Make Sponge Boats – Happy Toddler Playtime
  4. Turtle Nature Sticky Wall – Happy Toddler Playtime
  5. Sponge Painted Fish Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Giant Nail Salon – Happy Toddler Playtime
  1. Rocking Paper Plate Boat – The Madhouse Mummy
  2. Colorful Jellyfish Craft by I Heart Crafty Things
  3. Cardboard Roll Shiny Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies – Our Kids Things
  4. Squirt Gun Painting – Fireflies and Mud Pies
  5. Cupcake Liner Fireworks Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Flip Flop Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  1. Ice Lolly Preschool Craft – Learning and Exploring Through Play
  2. Bubble Wrap Starfish Craft – Our Kid Things
  3. Salt Painted Fireworks Craft – Happy Toddler Playtime
  4. Cardboard Bird Feeder – Happy Toddler Playtime for Happy Hooligans
  5. Pom Pom Painted Watermelon – Happy Toddler Playtime
  6. Potato Masher Ice Cream Cone Craft – Happy Toddler Playti

Even More Fun & Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

  1. Potato Masher Bee
  1. Potato Masher Turtle
  1. Paper Plate Rainbow Sun Catcher
  1. Sunflower Craft
  1. Watercolor Snail Craft
  1. Pom Pom Painted Pineapple Craft
  1. Potato Masher Crabs
  1. Butterfly Craft
  1. Shaving Cream Sunflower
  1. Potato Masher Spider
The best halloween activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers
  1. DIY Cardboard Tube Kazoo Craft
  1. Painted Pasta Necklace Craft

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