21+ Amazing Spray Bottle Activities

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your little ones entertained and cool during the summer months? Look no further than spray bottle activities! These simple yet exciting activities involve using spray bottles filled with water or other kid-friendly substances. In this blog post, we have curated a collection of spray bottle activities specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers. From water play to art projects and sensory exploration, these activities not only provide hours of entertainment but also offer a range of developmental benefits. Get ready to dive into the world of spray bottles and watch your little ones’ faces light up with joy!

Spray Bottle Fun

Has your toddler or preschooler ever turned a regular everyday item into their favourite toy? Discover an Allen key or find your wine bottle pump and play with it for days.


I have discovered that sometimes the easiest way to entertain a toddler or preschooler is to use those everyday items they discover and have turned into toys.


That is the case with the spray bottle. I had one in the bathroom to spray water on my curly hair in the morning. At two my daughter discovered it and played with it for days. She sprayed everything – her toys, her clothes, the floor, the toilet. But I wasn’t mad, she was happy and entertained and working muscles in her hands that would set her up nicely when writing at school.

That summer I made up a few fun activities and it became a go to item when I needed a something quick and fun to occupy her.


Now close to almost four year old we have rediscovered our spray bottle and it still entertains!


With summer quickly approaching, what better time to get out the spray bottle and have her spray up the whole outside!


Spray bottles are not only fun to play with they can also be a great learning and art tool.

After doing a extensive search on Pinterest I found 21 creative and fun ways to use a spray bottle this summer.

From cool art projects to learning numbers and letters the spray bottle will be a guaranteed hit with your little one this summer.

All of the activities are from fun and amazing kids activity blogs so be sure to check them all out!


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21+ Amazing Spray Bottle Activities

Spray the Flower Letters, Happy Toddler Playtime

Count & Stick Numbers, Happy Toddler Playtime

Splash the Alphabet, Days with Grey

Numbers Spray & Water Dump, Happy Toddler Playtime

Spray Bottle Art, Adventure in a Box

Fine Motor Activity with Spray Bottles, Teaching Mama

Water Spray Alphabet Hunt, Fun Learning For Kids

Spray Bottle Water Drawing, Happy Toddler Playtime

Fine Motor Activities: Car Wash, The Inspired Treehouse

Ice Rocks Sensory Bin, Happy Toddler Playtime

Spray Chalk Splatter Painting, Paper and Glue

Spray Bottle Silhouette Art, My Sister’s Suitcase

Spray Chalk Recipe for Kids, Growing a Jeweled Rose

Kids Alphabet Say and Spray Activity, A Dab of Glue Will Do

Alphabet Bug Spray, Toddler Approved

Exploring the Senses – Painting with Tea Bags, Fantastic Fun and Learning

Letter Sounds Activity Sensory Play, Little Bins for Little Hands

Tissue Transfer Art {Easy Kid Art Project!}, It’s Always Autumn

Montessori Inspired Window Washing Activity, Stir the Wonder

Homemade Monster Spray For Kids Who Are Afraid of Monsters, Happy Hooligans

Crayon Resist Spray Bottle Painting, Crafting Chicks

Spray Painting Leaves, Creative Playhouse

Sticky Foam Blocks, Teach Me Mommy

Little Picasso: Cornstarch Spray Paint, Mama Miss


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