The Drop Anything Sensory Bin for Toddlers

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Keeping my 15 month old toddlers busy is truly a full time job. But the good thing about toddlers is that they are easily entertained and entertaining them can be easy once you know where to start.

My go-to activity for my twins are cardboard tubes.

Make sure you save a few of them and keep them handy in your kitchen.

They can be life savers when you just need a few minutes to prepare dinner or help out another child with homework.

Simply tape them to the wall, window, fridge or cupboards and have them drop crafts sticks or pom poms or squeeze pouch caps down it!

If you have a bit more time and want to occupy them for longer set up this fantastic drop anything sensory bin!

How To Set Up The Drop Anything Sensory Bin

Grab your large sensory bin. Tape a few cardboard tubes along the inside of the bin using masking tape.

I found that it was easier for my toddlers to grab items to drop when the cardboard tubes were separated with enough space for them to reach in and grab items.

My twins also like to climb into the sensory bin and this one was no exception so I found that I had to change the orientation of the cardboard tubes as they moved around.

When Mr. A climbed in, I changed the cardboard tube so that he could drop items through it and have them land on the outside of the bin.

It created a bit more mess but he a absolutely loved it!

Drop Anything Bin

I filled the sensory bin with lots of cork, dried pasta, craft sticks and paint sticks.

These are all things my toddlers like to pull out of my arts and crafts cart and play with.

You can also add crayons, markers, squeeze pouch caps, pom poms or any small toys they like to play with.

This is a busy sensory bin you can set up easily that will entertain your toddler long enough for you to get a few things done.

Fine Motor Fun

This activity was simple the best!! It was truly a life saver when brought it out. Mr. A had decided to skip his afternoon nap and he was extremely tired and cranky.

But I know my son and he cannot resist a good drop activity and this one did not disappoint!

He loved it! And when Ms. N woke up she was equally as engaged with it as well!

The great thing about this activity is how it works on your toddlers’ fine motor skills and spatial awareness skills.

In order to get the items such as the cork and paint sticks (which were my son’s two favourite items to drop down) down the cardboard tubes your toddler is forced to turn the object around in their hands first before successfully dropping it down.

You will be surprised at how quickly they pick up on how to do this and how pleased with their success they will be!

Happy Playing!


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