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This game was such a hit with my preschooler. It combines throwing and searching for letters in one ultra fun letter sound matching game.

Lightroom Mothers Day 2-11
S is for Squirrel

Here’s what you need’ll to get started.



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Set Up

Make a Cube


The first thing to do is to create the animal foam dice. You could have your older preschooler help you out with this part or you can do it on your own.

Start by combining the puzzle pieces to make a cube.


Trouble Shooting


Just before putting the puzzle pieces together fully to make the cube, put a piece of tape on the back side of the animal (tape will be on the inside of the cube). I found that as the game went on and my 3 year old got more and more into it, her tosses got higher and higher and occasionally one of the animal pieces would come flying  out. By putting a piece of tape on the back side of the square I kept them firm and in place and my little one could toss to her heart’s content!

How many letters?


The number of letter you place in the basket is up to you. We made two cubes and included only letters that corresponded to animals on the two cubes. There was some overlap (for example ‘D’ could be for both duck and dog) so I had less than 12 letters.

It’s best to focus of just a few letters that you want to focus on.


Lightroom Mothers Day 2-07

There are none! I had my daughter toss one of the foam animal dice in the air. When it landed I asked her what animal it is and then focused on the sound the first letter made.

Lightroom Mothers Day 2-08

I had her repeat the sound of the first letter. Then I asked her what letter makes that sound. Once she got it I had her search in her basket for that letter to show me!

Lightroom Mothers Day 2-10

Yeah! You did it!

Lightroom Mothers Day 2-04
E is for Elephant


Lightroom Mothers Day 2-13
W is for Wolf!

We did this activity over and over again, I actually had to make two more cubes with different animals she enjoyed it so much!

Lightroom Mothers Day 2-06
D is for Duck!



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