Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

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INSIDE: Turkey feather measuring is a fun non-standard units of measurement activity for toddlers and preschoolers and a great hands-on way to keep your little one learning this Thanksgiving.

Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

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This activity is a great way to help introduce the concept of measuring to your toddler or preschooler, something you probably already have done simply by going about your day. For instance, just by you noticing or comparing the length and size of a car or tree is a great way to help your toddler start to think about measuring.

Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

What are Non-standard units of measurement?

Non-standard units of measurement are those that make use of house hold or common items familiar to children, as ways to compare or count. For instance using Mega Bloks or LEGO or hand prints.

Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

In this activity we used feathers to measure how long my twins were as well as to measure the length of different lines taped to the floor.

How Many Feather are You?

For the first part of this measuring activity I asked my toddlers to take turns lying down and measuring each other with the large and small feathers.

Next, I created a few lines on the floor using masking tape that were different lengths and I invited my toddlers to use the feathers to see how long they were.

Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

Turkey Feather Measuring: what to talk about

I first asked them how many big feathers they thought it would take to cover the entire line. How many little feathers? Then I invited them to lay the feathers down tip to tip to see if their guess were correct!

I also asked the how many feather long they thought they were. Not only was this a great way to practice measuring, it was also a great fine motor activity.

This was a lot of fun and super easy to set up. My happy kids are 6 years and 2.5 years old.


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  • Masking or painters’ tape
  • Feathers


Turkey Feather Measuring Activity

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