Valentines Cupcake Liner Memory Game

  • INSIDE: Valentines Cupcake Liner Memory Game is a super easy game for Valentines Day! This easy to set up activity is great indoor activity for preschoolers.

Memory games are amazing ways to build attention span concentration and focus in children. They are also great for developing critical thinking skills. But I like them simple because they aren’t difficult to set up and can be modified to meet any learning outcome. Check out this Post-It Memory Game for Kids.

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How to Set up Valentines Cupcake Liner Memory Game

Grab your Valentine’s Day themed cupcake liners or any pink, red or purple cupcake liner and hearts. I used heart erasers but you can also use foam hearts or heart stickers or hearts you cut out from different coloured construction paper.

If you are doing this activity with older toddlers or preschoolers choose about 3 different pairs of hearts. If you are using foam hearts or stickers make sure they are different enough from each other that your little one won’t get confused. For construction paper hearts, draw different patterns on the hearts with a sharpie, such as dots, straight lines or zig zag lines. Place them on the table and cover them with the cupcake liners. And you are done!

If you are setting this up for preschoolers, place the pairs beside each other to make it as easy as possible. As they get better you can change the position of the hearts to make it more challenging.

Time to Play

Invite your little one to lift up one of the cupcake liners to see the heart underneath. For preschoolers have them identify something unique about the heart, such as the dots, colour or pattern. Have them lift up another cupcake liner and do the same thing.

If they do not match, tell your preschooler to try to remember where the hearts they found at first were. Have them cover the two heart with the cupcake liners and choose two more!

This will take some practice so if your little one needs to peek to remember that’s ok.

My happy kids are 6.5 and almost 3 years old.

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