Valentines CVC Hearts

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Mend a Broken Heart, Create a CVC Word!

Here is a fun way to practice consonant-vowel-consonant words and get a great fine motor work out! This is a great activity for kindergarten aged kids or any kid working on their CVC words!

Here’s how to get started!

Cut out 10 hearts from the pink construction paper. They do not need to be perfect. The easiest way to make a heart is to fold the construction paper twice and a cut half heart shape along the fold.

Once you have enough hearts, put all the hearts together in a pile and cut them all in half. You want all the hearts to have the same cut along the middle so that your child can match any left side to any right side of the hearts.

On the left sides of the hearts write a consonant. On the right side write a word family ending, such as -an, -at, -et, or -ap.

When choosing which consonants to choose, pick ones that will create words with most or all of the word family endings your child is working on. For instance, m it will make words with all the word family endings I used: man, mat, met and map.

Mend a Broken Heart

Place all the left sides of the hearts to the left of your child and all the right sides to their right. Then have them match a consonant to a word family ending to create a CVC word!

Have your child read the word they have created and use it in a sentence. This will help to ensure that they understand the word they are reading.

Then use Valentines washi tape to then stick the two sides of the heart together.

Lots of Fun

This was a total hit with my happy 4.5 year old! She is as much of a washi tape fan as I am.

This activity can be adjusted to meet any learning goal. You can use it to practice upper and lower case letters, numeracy and counting or shape matching!


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