Yellow Rubber Ducky Sensory Bin

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Colour sensory bins for toddlers are a fabulous way to introduce and teach colours.

They are fun for them and easy to put together for you. Here is a great idea to help introduce your toddler to the colour yellow using a toy they probably see everyday – their rubber duck!

Here’s How To Set Up Yellow Rubber Ducky Sensory Bin

Fill two large sensory bins with water and add yellow food colouring. I added lots of yellow food colouring in order to make the yellow as vibrant as possible.

Then I added all the yellow rubber ducks I could find! It was glorious!

I also add large spoons, slotted spoons and a soup ladle.

I laid out a waterproof picnic blanket underneath the sensory bins to catch the water. You can use a plastic table cloth or a shower curtain or, if weather permits, just do this fun activity outside.

I also took off all my toddlers clothes and let them play in diapers. Due to the coloured water and the likelihood that it will stain clothing, dress your child in pajamas or in a smock.

Then I invited my twin toddlers to scoop up and transfer the yellow ducks from one sensory bin to another.

How The Played

At 15 months, they are still just learning how to manipulate utensils but they love trying! They attempted to catch and transfer the ducks from one bin to the other with the spoons but mostly just used their hands.

The rubber ducks that I have squeak when you squeeze them so my toddlers absolutely loved doing that which was a great fine motor workout for them!

Talking About Colours with Your Toddler

Teaching your toddler colours can be frustrating. But I find a combination of play and learning to be very helpful.

I also believe that learning colours should be something they do all day long and not just in an activity. Use everyday activities to introduce and familiarize your little one with colors.

Point out colours while getting dressed or walking in the park. When describing food, add a colour description.

And when playing with colour sensory bins like this yellow rubber duck bin be sure to describe the colour of everything as they play!


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