20+ Black Mom to Follow On Instagram Who Share Kids Activities

AHEAD: You will find 20+ amazing Black moms on Instagram who share the creative learning activities they do with their young children. 

No matter what colour you are, we all know that life with young children is HARD! 

I created a roundup talented black moms who share the imaginative and fun learning activities they do with their little ones at home. From Montessori inspired activities to creative arts & crafts to unique sensory bins and more. This round up of Black mothers and educators is a great resources for any parent looking for inspiration and ways to encourage learning in their own homes.

Why am I highlighting Black Mothers and Educators

By highlighting Black mothers and educators who run activity accounts on Instagram, I am not leaving activity accounts run by mothers of different races and backgrounds out of the conversation. Instead I am trying to add more Black female voices, which have traditionally been muted in our society, to the conversation of parenting.

Although the kids’ activity space has always been welcoming and inclusive. Because as moms we know the struggles of raising littles is real for everyone. In this post I wanted to use my platform to help amplify these Black mothers and educators. I hope in doing so you can join me in recognizing their talents without feeling I am somehow putting them above anyone else.

Check out these 20+ imaginative Black moms on Instagram for amazing ways to make life with toddlers, preschoolers or kindergartners easier!

Black Moms on Instagram to Follow

1. Mandisa @happytoddlerplaytime is a CPA turned stay-at-home mom to 3 (including twins). She shares easy and creative activities on her blog Happy Toddler Playtime.

2. Kayla @keeptoddlersbusy is a mompreneur of 2 who shares activities, tips, reviews and more. Check out her blog Keep Toddlers Busy here.

3. Meet Canadian educator @educate_w_wonder. She’s a Registered Early Childhood Educator who shares hands on learning experiences and learning opportunities through play and wonder. She is amazing with loose parts play.

4. Nicole @polishedplayhouse is a mom, interior design enthusiast and early childhood expert. She is passionate about early learning, and ensuring that all children have equitable access to high quality public education.  Check out her beautiful blog The Polished Playhouse here.

5. Marketa @schoolathomeandbeyond is a mama and home educator sharing Montessori inspired activities and her homeschool lifestyle. Check her out on instagram here.

6. Meet @Nahdz_adventures, a mom to 3, play enthusiast and lifestyle blogger. She loves to inspire parents to get out and be creative with their children. Check out fun blog Nahdz Adventures here.

7. Yanique @kiddiematters is a former school social worker turned stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children. Check out her blog Kiddie Matters where she shares creative ways to help children learn social and emotional skills.

8. Meet Alecia @nostresshomeschooling. She helps homeschooling moms avoid stress and becoming overwhelmed by sharing simple and easy solutions. Check out her blog No Stress Homeschooling here.

9. Montessori Madre is a Montessori mom to a busy toddler.

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Our existence is resistance✊🏾 . . . The last several days I’ve been able to take care of myself, my family and my friends as well as be taken care of by my family and friends. One of the needed takeaways from doing so, was best said by @mspackyetti when she discussed: “Us [as black people], being full human beings is in and of itself and act of resistance. Our existence is resistance.” . . I’ve been particularly overwhelmed with the amplification of this account in response to the killing of black people. . . So, for those who are new here, this our montessori life. I started this account as a response to the low representation of black accounts in the montessori-at-home social media community. When we first started our journey, I sought to find every black account dedicated to this work, I found a few and am so grateful for that genuine community that was formed from it. . . I found them because I was LOOKING, I was LOOKING because I NEEDED it. I NEEDED it because REPRESENTATION MATTERS TO ME. A lot of people are just now realizing how white their feed was, or that black montessori accounts ever existed. There’s been a lot of “this account deserves to be acknowledged or credited for the work they’re doing”. So just a reminder, we have been EXISTING and will continue to EXIST. Even in a world that has had the luxury to decide wether we exist or not. . . So for those new here, welcome. I really hope you’re here to see black boy joy in all its glory, a Montessori family who is black and is proud of it. We are black, we are multicultural, we are bilingual, and we are so much more. We love our montessori life and share our joy to inspire and uplift. Because black representation should be important to everyone. We will be unapologetically joyful—EXISTING everyday.

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10. Jamila @littlemissgirlchild is a mom and Montessori educator.

11. Karina @karinacarina_ is a mom to an adventurous toddler sharing Montessori inspired homeschool preschool ideas.

12. Dannicharles @djsbookclub encourages early reading, learning all the while homeschooling Montessori style. Check out your YouTube Channel.

13. Sulamita @obrincardaisa is a mama from Rio de Janeiro who loves doing creative games and activities with her two kids.

14. Kamilah @parentpartnerships is a teacher, mother and founder of Parent Partnerships based in the UK.

15. Janine @janine_encourageplay is a mom, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and founder of Encourage Play & Coping Skills for Kids.

16. Crystal @littlecupcakepreschool

17. Meet Chicago and toddler mama Lanée @mama.and.og.

18. Meet Khay @everydaywithindie homeschooling mama of 2 sharing purposely creative play ideas.

19. Meet @raisingyannis sharing Montessori inspired activities.

20. Meet Diona @alldayeverydaymom mom of 3 sharing homeschooling ideas and tips.

21. Meet homeschooling mama  @_nakiawashington.

22. Meet Cali girl and teacher turned SAHM @thecinnamonmom.

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A sensory bin is by far one of the easiest ways to keep young kids occupied! I found this empty bin in our house and filled it with different colored water, scented glitter gel, measuring cups, and some toys. My kids were literally playing for hours! It’s easy to get intimidated by all of the elaborate, beautifully-themed sensory bins we see all over Pinterest, but there truly is no wrong way to make one! You just need a bin, some type of filler (water, rice, beans, sand, playdough), and tools or toys to play with. Although themes can be super fun, they aren’t at all a requirement. The whole point of a sensory bin is to engage your little one’s senses. Let them play with different textures, sizes, colors, smells, and even tastes if it’s safe. While they explore, they’re improving their fine motor skills, expanding their creativity, and learning to think scientifically. It’s also a great chance to discuss what they’re experiencing and work on communication skills. The hope is that the bin will contain any messes, but don’t stress if there’s a little spillage. Honestly, just don’t overthink it and let your kids have a good time! https://thecinnamonmom.com/sensory-bin/ #sensorybin #simpleplay #realmomlife #thisismotherhood #girlmom #raisingtinyhumans #holdthemoments #bigsisterlittlesister #funwithkids #playislearning #learningisfun #teachermom #invitationtoplay #playideas #earlylearning #columbiascmom

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23. Meet Deniece, toddler mom sharing fun toddler educational and play ideas @learningwithamiyah.

24. Meet @mama.knows.

25. Meet creative @mamaspicemagic sharing daily crafts, sensory play, toy reviews and books!

Want more?

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Pre-order your copy of my new book of sensory bins: Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids: 60 Easy Creative Play Projects that Boost Brain Development, Calm Anxiety and Build Fine Motor Skills coming out October 27, 2020!

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