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Happy Toddler Playtime

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Here you’ll find fun crafts and easy activities you can count on, plus free printables all for kids 0-12 years old. Let’s bring the joy back to learning!

Some Of My Favorites

100+ No-Prep Indoor Activities for 2 & 3 Year Olds

44+ Fun and Easy Activities for 4 Year Olds

55+ Easy Activities for 5 Year Olds

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Activities to Try Today

From glittery galaxy jars to backyard obstacle courses, this is where we showcase the crafts and activities that have captured your hearts and sparked endless fun.

Popular Activities & Crafts By Age

In this section you’ll find a variety of creative ideas that promise to bring laughter, learning, and lots of hands-on fun for everyone, from your littlest crafters to your most experienced creators.


Blossoming Creativity: Spring Crafts and Activities for Kids

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the season of renewal than by diving into a world of colorful crafts and engaging activities designed just for kids? This section is your go-to guide for turning those longer, warmer days into opportunities for creative play and learning. Let’s sprout some joy and imagination in every project, making this spring unforgettable for your little ones!

Creative Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids: Show Your Love with Handmade Gifts

Hey there! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve put together some super sweet craft ideas that kids can make to show some love. These are not only fun and easy to do but are also perfect for adding that personal touch to Mom’s special day. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and make this Mother’s Day unforgettable!