The Best Black History Month Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Exploring Black History Month through crafts and activities is a fantastic way to inspire and educate kids of all ages. From the vibrant rhythms of African drumming to the profound words of iconic leaders, Black history is rich with stories, struggles, and triumphs that can spark curiosity and empathy in young minds. That’s why we’ve put together over 60 meaningful and engaging activities that are perfect for kids, from toddlers to tweens. These activities are not just about learning; they’re about experiencing, understanding, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of Black history and culture.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is an annual celebration of accomplishments by Americans, Canadians and British people of African decent. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge their contributions in the history of Canada, United States and the UK.

Black History Month was first started in the United States where it is also known as African American History Month. Its origins started with “Negro History Week,” first coined by historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. These historians started this week in 1915, in response to the lack of information on the accomplishments of Black people available to the public.

Black History Month became official in 1976 and since then every president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom, have also officially designated February and October respectively as a month to celebrating Black history. February was recognized in Canada in 1995 and October in the UK in 1987.

Why do we celebrate Black History Month?

Black History Month was created to bring attention on the contributions of people of African heritage to the United States, Canada and the UK. It honors all Black people from all periods of history, from the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century to people of African decent living in the United States, Canada and the UK today.

This year I am so excited to share with you all the new Black History Month crafts we are doing. We made crafts for Rosa Parks using paper plates, we used toilet paper rolls to make craft for MLK and Ruby Bridges and Harriet Tubman. We also created a solidarity sticky wall and many more.

How to Incorporate Black History Month at Home and School

Incorporating Black History Month into learning environments is a powerful way to enrich the educational experience of children, providing them with a broader understanding of the world and its diverse history. Parents, caregivers, and teachers can bring these important lessons to life by integrating stories, achievements, and contributions of Black individuals into daily discussions, reading books that highlight Black heroes and heroines, organizing activities that celebrate African American culture, and using crafts or projects like the African mask to engage children’s creativity while teaching them about significant cultural traditions. Additionally, visiting local museums, participating in community events, or watching documentaries can offer immersive experiences that deepen their appreciation and respect for Black history. By taking these steps, educators and guardians not only foster a more inclusive learning environment but also help build a foundation of empathy, understanding, and respect for diversity in young minds.

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Black History Month Coloring Pages

Celebrate Black History Month and spark creativity in your kids with our specially designed coloring pages, each honoring the legacy and achievements of African American heroes.

Dr. Mae Jemison Rocket Ship Craft

The Dr. Mae Jemison Rocket Ship Craft catapults young minds into the realm of science and space exploration, celebrating the achievements of an incredible astronaut and scientist. It’s a stellar project that combines learning with the thrill of space adventure.

Diversity Sensory Bin

 Diversity Beans: Anti-Racism Sensory Bin is a fun way to start the conversation of race with your toddler or preschoolers! Remember it is never too early to talk about racism, toddlers and preschoolers understand fairness and are keenly aware of differences very early on.

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Sensory Bin

Explore history and play at the same time with our Garrett Morgan Traffic Light Sensory Bin! Using beans and colored buttons, kids can dive into the world of this brilliant inventor and the mind behind the traffic light. It’s a tactile, engaging way to celebrate Black History Month and learn about Garrett Morgan’s life-changing invention. Perfect for little hands to discover, sort, and play, all while paying tribute to a historic figure.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Giant Black History Month Word Search

Dive into the rich tapestry of Black History Month with our Giant Word Search! Challenge your brain while celebrating the heroes and milestones that have shaped history

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Diversity Egg Activity

Crack open the beauty of diversity with our Diversity Egg Activity, where each egg reveals that despite our different exteriors, we all share the same core. A simple yet powerful lesson in unity and understanding for all ages.

Martin Luther King, Jr. STEAM Activity

Dive into a Martin Luther King, Jr. STEAM activity that combines creativity with learning, inspired by his dream for equality and justice. Let’s explore the power of unity and innovation in honor of a man who changed history

Hidden Figures STEM and Coding Activities

Unlock the stars with our Hidden Figures STEM and Coding Activities, where every child learns to code their way through challenges inspired by the brilliant minds of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson.

Black History Month Crafts for Kids

Salt Painted African Masks

Salt painted African masks are not just a fun art project; they’re a vibrant exploration of tradition and history.

Light Bulb Craft

Shine a light on innovation with our Light Bulb Craft, inspired by the genius of Lewis Latimer. This craft not only brightens up the room but also celebrates the bright mind behind improved electric light.

Alma Thomas Art Project

Get ready to splash your creativity across the canvas with our Alma Thomas Art Project, where colors and patterns come to life in a celebration of this trailblazing artist’s vibrant legacy.

Foil Printed Black History Hero Craft

Bring the faces of history to your fingertips with our Foil Printed Black History Hero Craft. It’s a unique way to learn about and honor the heroes who shaped our world, one foil print at a time.

Cotton Ball Painted Heart Craft

Express love and unity through our Cotton Ball Painted Heart Craft, a tactile and engaging way for kids to celebrate Black History Month with every dab and press.

Paper Clock Craft

Tick-tock, it’s time to celebrate history with our Paper Clock Craft! This hands-on project not only teaches kids about time but also about the significant moments and figures in Black history.

Dr. Mae Jemison Starry Night Craft

Reach for the stars with our Dr. Mae Jemison Starry Night Craft. Inspired by the first African American woman in space, this craft encourages kids to dream big and aim high.

Shaving Cream Hearts Mobile

Float into a cloud of dreams and diversity with our Shaving Cream Hearts Mobile, a fun and fluffy craft that adds a touch of love and lightness to any space.

Black Glue Trump Craft

Create bold lines and striking silhouettes with our Black Glue Trump Craft, a unique way to explore art techniques while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of jazz music.

Black Invention Collage Craft

Inventiveness comes to life in our Black Invention Collage Craft, where kids piece together the stories and contributions of African American inventors that have changed the world.

Paper Plate Baseball Lacing

Black History Month is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African Americans to U.S. history. One notable figure who stands out, especially in the world of sports, is Jackie Robinson.

Paper Strip Heroes Craft

Paper Strip Heroes Craft, a simple yet impactful activity that allows kids to create colorful art pieces featuring heroes from Black history.

‘We Thank You” Rosa Parks bus Craft

Honoring Rosa Parks with our ‘We Thank You’ bus craft, using tissue paper and paper plates to celebrate the courage that changed history. A creative tribute to the Mother of the Freedom Movement, reminding us all of the power of standing up for what’s right.

Harriet Tubman Lantern Sun Catcher Craft

Shine light on courage and freedom with our Harriet Tubman Lantern Sun Catcher Craft. Celebrate the legacy of a true American hero who led many to freedom, lighting the way just as these lanterns will light up your window.

Handprint Dove Craft for MLK Jr.

Creating peace one handprint at a time with our Handprint Dove Craft, in honor of MLK Jr.’s vision of harmony and understanding. Inspire little ones to spread wings of peace and kindness in tribute to a timeless dream.

Paper Plate Peace Craft for MLK Jr.

Channeling the spirit of MLK Jr. with our Paper Plate Peace Craft, reminding us that peace begins with a smile and an open heart. Craft a vision of harmony and understanding, just as Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned for us all.

George Washington Carver Paper Plate Peanut Craft

Explore the genius of George Washington Carver with our Paper Plate Peanut Craft! Celebrate this incredible scientist’s contributions to agriculture and his innovative work with peanuts, inspiring kids to learn through creativity.

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Suncatcher Craft

Shine a light on innovation with our Garrett Morgan Traffic Light Suncatcher Craft, celebrating the inventor of the three-position traffic signal. Let your windows catch the colors of history and ingenuity, illuminating young minds about groundbreaking contributions in Black History.

Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Cardboard Guitar Craft inspired by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Strumming into history with our Cardboard Guitar Craft, inspired by the legendary Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock and Roll. Let’s celebrate her groundbreaking legacy by creating our own musical masterpieces.

Potato Chip Craft Inspired By George Crum

Dive into creativity with our Potato Chip Craft, inspired by the inventive George Crum, who blessed us with the delicious snack we all love today! Celebrate innovation and history as we crunch into crafting fun, one chip at a time.

DIY Book Craft inspired by Maya Angelou

Channel the wisdom of Maya Angelou with our DIY Book Craft, turning pages into a tribute to her enduring words. Let’s inspire the next generation with creativity that speaks volumes.

Harriet Tubman Lantern Craft

Illuminate the path to freedom with our Harriet Tubman Lantern Craft, turning a simple cardboard box into a beacon of hope and courage. Let’s craft together and remember the enduring spirit of a remarkable woman who led many to freedom.

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Rice Craft

Light up learning with our Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Rice Craft! Celebrate the ingenious mind behind the traffic light by layering red, yellow, and green rice, paying tribute to a pivotal Black inventor in a fun, tactile way.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

‘I Have A Dream’ Pop-up Card Craft for MLK Jr.

Bring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic ‘I Have A Dream’ speech to life with our pop-up card craft, a creative way for kids to engage with history and dream big. Celebrate MLK Jr. Day by crafting a message of hope and equality that pops right off the page!

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft

Board the bus to history with our Rosa Parks Rocking Bus Craft, using a paper plate to celebrate the courage of an icon. It’s a creative way for kids to learn about and honor the woman who bravely refused to give up her seat, rocking the foundations of equality.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

‘I Have A Dream’ Sticky Wall for MLK Jr.

Bringing Dr. King’s dream to life with our ‘I Have A Dream’ Sticky Wall, a creative space for kids to share their visions for a better world. Let’s inspire the next generation to dream big and work towards equality and peace, one sticky note at a time

Diversity Fingerprint MLK Jr. Craft w/ free Printable

Create a masterpiece of unity with our Diversity Fingerprint MLK Jr. Craft, featuring a free printable to celebrate the beautiful message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each fingerprint represents the unique touch of diversity, coming together to honor MLK’s dream of togetherness and equality.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Black Lives Matter Painted Rocks

Spreading messages of unity and strength with our Black Lives Matter painted rocks. These stones carry collective hope for justice and equality.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Stronger Together Handprint Craft for MLK Jr. Day w/ Free Printable

Join hands in unity with our Stronger Together Handprint Craft for MLK Jr. Day. Grab our free printable and let’s create a colorful symbol of togetherness and strength, honoring Dr. King’s dream.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. Puppets

Bring history to life with our ‘I Am Martin Luther King, Jr.’ puppets, a creative way for kids to connect with and celebrate the legacy of a great leader. Let’s inspire the next generation with stories of courage, dreams, and the power of nonviolent change.

Black History Month Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Dive into Black History Month with our creative toilet paper roll crafts, celebrating the rich heritage and monumental achievements of Black leaders and innovators. A fun, educational craft that brings history to life for kids of all ages!

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Cotton Pad Craft

Discover the genius of Garrett Morgan with our Traffic Stoplight Cotton Pad Craft, celebrating the inventor of the traffic signal that keeps us safe on the roads every day. Combine history and creativity, paying tribute to a remarkable innovation that changed the world!

Black History Month collaborative portrait poster art

Bringing history to life with our collaborative portrait poster, where each stroke of color celebrates the diverse legacy of Black History Month.Create art that honors the past and inspires a brighter future.

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Cupcake Liner Craft

Celebrate innovation and history with our Garrett Morgan Traffic Light Cupcake Liner Craft, a tasty tribute to the inventor of the modern traffic signal. Inspire young minds with creativity and a slice of history, one delicious craft at a time!

Unity Rings Craft

Bringing hands together with our Unity Rings Craft to symbolize the strength and beauty of togetherness. A simple, yet powerful reminder that we are stronger united.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Cardboard Crown Craft inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Crafting a cardboard crown inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat not only introduces children to a pivotal figure in art but also encourages them to see themselves as creators with unique voices. This project blends art history with the empowering message of self-expression and identity.

Paper Plate Self Portraits inspired by Madam C.J. Walker

Madam C.J. Walker’s pioneering spirit and success are celebrated through paper plate self-portraits, allowing kids to explore their own identities and aspirations. It’s a fun and reflective activity that pays homage to Walker’s legacy in entrepreneurship and self-confidence.

Paper Bag Backpack Craft inspired by Ruby Bridges

The paper bag backpack craft inspired by Ruby Bridges teaches children about courage and resilience in the face of adversity, as they create something functional and symbolic. It serves as a tangible reminder of Ruby’s strength and the importance of education for all.

Cardboard Tube Microphone Craft inspired by Billie Holiday

Sing along to the history of jazz and blues with a cardboard tube microphone craft that celebrates the iconic Billie Holiday. Kids can craft their own microphones, fostering an appreciation for Holiday’s contribution to music and the power of voice.

Make a Kinder World Sensory Bag

Creating a Kinder World Sensory Bag is an interactive way for kids to explore textures and colors while absorbing lessons on kindness, diversity, and inclusion. This sensory-rich activity is perfect for hands-on learning about making the world a more accepting place.

Suncatcher Collage Craft Inspired by Alma Thomas

Inspired by the vibrant works of Alma Thomas, the suncatcher collage craft brightens any window while teaching kids about color, light, and the beauty of abstract art. This craft is a colorful exploration of Thomas’s innovative use of color and form.

Bubble Wrap Hair Craft Inspired By Lorna Simpson

The Bubble Wrap Hair Craft inspired by Lorna Simpson allows children to experiment with texture and form, celebrating diversity in hairstyles and the uniqueness of every individual. It’s a wonderful way to introduce discussions on identity and self-love through art.

Nebular Painting Craft Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dive into the wonders of the cosmos with a Nebular Painting Craft inspired by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, sparking curiosity about the universe and our place within it. This craft encourages kids to dream big and explore the mysteries of space through art.

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Handprint Craft

The Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Handprint Craft combines history with creativity, teaching kids about Morgan’s life-saving invention while using their own handprints. It’s a playful way to learn about innovation and safety.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Black History Month Handprint Crafts

Black History Month Handprint Crafts offer a personal touch to learning, as children use their hands to create art that reflects the achievements and stories of Black heroes. This activity fosters a deep, personal connection with history through the power of creative expression.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Transform a simple toilet paper roll into a symbol of innovation with the Garret Morgan Traffic Stoplight Craft, educating kids on the impact of Morgan’s invention on daily life. It’s an engaging way to combine crafting with lessons on problem-solving and inventiveness.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Dr. Mae Jemison’s Space Shuttle

Blast off into space with Dr. Mae Jemison’s Space Shuttle craft, inspiring kids with the story of the first African American woman in space. This craft ignites imaginations and encourages aspirations in science and exploration.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Solidarity Sticky Wall: Anti-Racism Learning Activity

The Solidarity Sticky Wall: Anti-Racism Learning Activity is a dynamic and interactive way for children to visualize and understand the importance of standing together against racism. It’s a hands-on approach to discussing equality and respect for all.

30+ of The Best Black History Month Craft & Activities for Kids

Colour the Heart Sticky Wall

With the Colour the Heart Sticky Wall, kids can express what love and acceptance mean to them, creating a colorful collage that represents the heart of inclusivity and kindness. This activity is a beautiful way to blend art with messages of love and solidarity.

More Anti-Racism, Diversity and Black History Month Activities

Craft Supplies for Celebrating Black History Month

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