Unity Rings Craft for Kids

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INSIDE: Unity Rings Craft is a fun and easy wreath craft for kids using paper plates! It is also a great way to continue the conversation about race.

Let’s talk About Race

How’s it going? Have you started talking to your child about race? Its important that you let your child know that talking about race is OK. Its also OK to notice skin colour. Talking about our racial differences isn’t racist, mean or wrong. Talk talking about the our racial difference represent and what they don’t represent.

Borromean rings 

The Borromean rings are three simple closed curves in three-dimensional space that are linked and cannot be separated from each other, but that break apart into two unknotted and unlinked loops when any one of the three is cut or removed. The Borromean rings have been used as symbols in various cultures and religions but it has also been used to show strength in unity. That is the goal of this activity to create a unity wreath with different hands in different shades that demonstrates artistically the strength we have when we are united.

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How to Create A Unity Rings Craft

  1. Grab your multicultural construction paper, trace your child’s hand and cut out about 8 handprints in three different skin tone colours of your choice.
  2. Grab your paper plates and cut out the center of the plates.
  3. Then cut a slit in each circle. Try making a the Borromean rings using the paper plates before adding the handprints
  4. Glue down the handprints in each colour on a different paper plate circle.
  5. Once all three are complete put the rings together to create Borromean rings. It will be a bit challenging with the handprint on. Rotate the slits on each paper plate to the outside of the rings. Try pulling on the rings to see if they come apart. When you pull and the rings do not break apart then your Unity Rings are complete.
  6. Seal the slits in the paper plate with a piece of tape.


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Age Suitability

This activity is good for kids 4 years and up. My kids are 3, 3, and 6 year old.

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