40+ Awesome Earth Day Activities & Crafts for Kids

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Earth Day activities for kids! Earth Day is a global event that celebrates our planet and promotes environmental awareness. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage children in fun and educational activities that teach them about sustainability, conservation, and the importance of taking care of our planet. In this post, we’ll share some creative and inspiring Earth Day activities that you can do with kids to make a positive impact on our world.

Earth Day with Kids

As Earth Day approaches, many parents and educators are looking for ways to engage children in activities that promote environmental awareness and conservation. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd, and it serves as a reminder that our planet is fragile and in need of protection. Engaging children in Earth Day activities can help them develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and inspire them to take action to protect it.

There are many fun and engaging Earth Day activities that children can participate in, regardless of their age. For younger children, activities like planting trees or creating recycled art projects can help them understand the importance of taking care of our planet. Older children can participate in activities such as community cleanups, educational workshops, and environmental advocacy campaigns. By participating in these activities, children can develop a greater appreciation for the natural world and understand the impact their actions have on the environment.

In this post, we will explore some of the best Earth Day activities for kids. We will provide ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that can be done at home or at school. By participating in these activities, children can learn about environmental conservation, gain hands-on experience, and have fun while doing so. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this post will provide you with a variety of options for engaging children in Earth Day activities.

What to Talk About?

Earth Day is all about showing our big beautiful planet a little love. Along with of course highlighting environmental consciousness and environmental concerns to the forefront. What does this mean with young kids? It’s about instilling a love for nature and all that it has to offer in your child. Here are some questions you can ask children to help get them thinking about the environment and our planet:

  • What is the your favourite thing about Earth?
  • Name one thing that goes in the garbage?
  • What’s one thing that goes in the recycling?
  • Can you name one thing that belong in nature? One thing that doesn’t?
  • What one place would you like to visit on Earth?
  • Can you name the colours of the planet earth from space?
  • What colour is the recycling symbol?

The Best Earth Day Books

Here is a collection of books about Earth Day to read aloud on YouTube:

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How to Use this List of Earth Day Activities

I have organized this amazing list of Earth Day things to do with your kids into two sections:

  • Earth Day Activities
  • Earth Day Crafts
  • Earth Day Sensory Activities

Ready time to get to the activities! I hope you will enjoy them as much as my kids did!

Earth Day Activities

1. How to Make a Bug Hotel

A bug hotel is part garden craft and part winter home for insects! Create one today with this fun and easy bug hotel craft for kids!

2. Eggshell Caterpillar Garden

Spring is a season of new beginnings and what better way to celebrate than with a fun and educational craft activity. This DIY project involves repurposing eggshells to create a cute and colorful caterpillar garden that kids will love.

3. How to Make a Bee Hotel

By creating a bee house craft, you can help provide a safe and comfortable home for these important pollinators in your own backyard.

4. Make Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a fun and eco-friendly way to teach children about the importance of caring for the environment and promoting biodiversity. 

5. Earth Day Recycled STEAM Project

Explore the intersection of art, science, and sustainability with this Earth Day Recycled STEAM Project. This activity encourages children to use recycled materials to create projects that reflect their learning about environmental science and engineering concepts.

6. Water Pollution Experiments

Teach children about the impact of pollution with hands-on Water Pollution Experiments this Earth Day. These simple yet revealing experiments help kids understand how pollution affects our water sources and what actions can help to keep our planet healthy.

7. Make Your Own Nature Paint Brushes

Making your own DIY nature paint brushes is a fun and unique way to create art while also getting outside and exploring the world around you.

8. Earth Day Colouring Pages

Easy and engaging way to teach kids about Earth Day. Free printable Earth Day coloring pages are a fantastic resource!

9. Earth Day Sticky Wall

Earth Day Sticky Wall is a super fun and creative art activity for toddlers or preschoolers. Create and decorate your very own Earth for Earth Day!

10. Rescue the Sea Creatures: Fine Motor Activity

Rescue the Sea Creatures: Fine Motor Rescue is an easy toddler and preschooler activity. Let your little one free octopus and starfish using their fingers or scissors!

11. Earth Day Jokes

Lighthearted ways to celebrate Earth Day. Look no further than these Earth Day jokes and riddles!

12. Earth Day Colour Sorting Activity

Earth Day colour sort is a great way to practice colours this Spring! It is also a fantastic fine motor skill activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

13. Planet Earth Big World Play

OK so you have heard of small world play and I of course love a good small world. It’s handy and cute and perfectly sized for small hands and bodies. But have you heard of BIG World Play? Probably not because I sort of just made it up!

14. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

This easy to set up Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is the perfect outdoor activity for Earth Day. Help teach your little one about the importance of keeping our community clean by finding and spotting items that belong and don’t belong in nature.

15. Earth Day Yoga Poses

Introduce a peaceful yet powerful Earth Day activity with Yoga Poses themed around our planet. This practice not only promotes physical health but also encourages mindfulness and a deeper connection to Earth’s natural beauty and resources.

16. Endangered Animals Game

Raise awareness about wildlife conservation with an Endangered Animals Game this Earth Day. This interactive game educates children on the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats through engaging and thoughtful play.

17. Earth Day Word Search

Engage young minds with an Earth Day Word Search that challenges them to find words related to our planet and its environment. This activity is perfect for enhancing vocabulary and raising awareness about Earth Day in a fun, educational format.

Earth Day Crafts

18. Cotton Pad Turtle Craft for Preschoolers

Create cute turtle craft using cotton pads and coloured water. This turtle craft is a fun activity that you can do anytime of the year.

19. Nature Turtle Sticky Wall: Outdoor Activity

Nature Turtle sticky wall is a fun and easy outdoor art activity for kids to do this summer. Create a turtle using nature!

20. Bubble Wrap Sea Turtle Craft

Create beautiful under the sea art with bubble wrap in this bubble wrap sea turtle craft! A great way to up-cycle bubble wrap!

21. Rock Painted Earth Day Craft

Create a beautiful planet earth craft for Earth Day in this exciting gross motor art activity for kids! It’s a great craft project for activity kids!

22. Kitchen Tool Stamping Earth Day Craft

Kitchen Tool Stamping Earth Day is a fun and easy craft for toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids. Create Earth like prints using paint and kitchen tools shaped like circles!

23. Earth Day Heart Sun Catcher Craft

Earth Day Heart Sun Catcher Craft is a fun and adorable craft for kids of all ages for Earth Day. Create a beautiful heart shaped Earth Sun Catcher to display in your window this Earth Day!

24. Newspaper Earth Day

Craft with purpose on Earth Day by reusing newspapers to create meaningful art. This activity not only teaches children about recycling but also allows them to express their thoughts and feelings about the planet through creative artwork.

25. Torn Paper Earth Day Craft

Create a simple yet impactful Earth Day craft using torn pieces of recycled paper. This activity helps kids practice fine motor skills while discussing the importance of recycling and reusing materials to protect the Earth.

26. Earth Day Handprint Craft for Kids

Earth Day Heart Handprint Craft is a fun and easy sensory art activity for kids of all ages to do this Earth Day!

27. Giant Earth Day Craft

Paint a giant planet earth in this creative art activity for kids. It makes a great indoor or outdoor painting activity for Earth Day with kids.

28. Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft

Transform ordinary coffee filters into vibrant globes with the Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft. This simple but striking activity uses watercolors to mimic the Earth’s oceans and continents, providing a beautiful visual lesson on geography and the importance of preserving our world.

29. Pom Pom Painted Earth Day Craft

Bring creativity to Earth Day with a Pom Pom Painted Craft, where kids dip pom poms into paint to dot colorful patterns on paper cutouts of the Earth. This fun, hands-on activity is perfect for discussing the diversity of the planet while encouraging artistic expression.

30. Heart Sewing Earth Day Craft

Celebrate Earth Day by engaging in a Heart Sewing Craft that combines the love for our planet with the development of sewing skills. This activity is not only therapeutic but also a meaningful way to discuss caring for the Earth, using recycled fabrics to create heart-shaped decorations.

31. How to Make Animal Planters

32. Sun Catcher Earth

Create a luminous Earth Day craft with a Sun Catcher made from a coffee filter. This simple project is perfect for discussing how the Earth uses sunlight and is a great way to bring the beauty of the natural world inside.

33.Paper Plate Earth Day Craft for Kids using yarn

Combine yarn and paper plates to create a textured Earth representation this Earth Day. This craft activity is ideal for discussing the planet’s geography and importance while engaging children in hands-on artistic creation.

34. Paper Earth Day Craft

Make Earth Day unforgettable with a craft that personifies the planet, adding a cute face, arms, and legs to a paper Earth. This engaging craft helps children relate to the Earth in a personal way, fostering a sense of responsibility and care.

35. Balloon Stamping Earth Day Art

Introduce younger children to Earth Day through Balloon Stamping, a fun and tactile way to create planet-themed art. This engaging activity allows for creative expression while discussing the importance of taking care of our Earth.

36. Earth Day Yarn Craft

37. Earth Day Black Glue Craft

Explore texture and contrast with an Earth Day Black Glue Craft, where black glue outlines help define and accentuate colorful Earth-themed designs. It’s a unique way to discuss the planet’s intricate details and the importance of its conservation.

38. Earth Day Paper Plate Craft

Engage kids in an easy and enjoyable Earth Day Paper Plate Craft, where they can create a vibrant representation of the Earth using simple materials. This craft encourages discussions about the planet’s ecosystems and how each part interacts.

39. Paper Quilled Earth Day Craft

Delve into the intricate art of paper quilling with an Earth Day theme. This craft allows older children to create detailed, beautiful representations of the Earth, promoting fine motor skills and patience while celebrating environmental beauty.

40. Potato Masher Turtle Craft

Revisit the Potato Masher Turtle Craft for Earth Day to discuss marine life and the importance of ocean conservation. This simple and fun craft is a great way to bring

Earth Day Sensory Bins

41. Earth Day Ocean Sort & Clean Up Sensory Bin

Simulate ocean rescue with an Earth Day Ocean Sort & Clean Up Sensory Bin. This sensory activity teaches toddlers the importance of keeping our waters clean while developing sorting skills and tactile exploration.

42. Earth Day Sensory Bin

Introduce toddlers to the concept of Earth Day with a vibrant sensory bin filled with green and blue colored dried chickpeas. This simple activity is perfect for sensory exploration and introduces young children to the colors and themes of our planet.

43. Plant the Trees Sensory Bin

Celebrate Earth Day by engaging children with a Plant the Trees Sensory Bin, using real twigs to represent trees. This tactile activity encourages environmental awareness and the importance of trees in our ecosystem.

44. Earth Day Play Dough Tray

What better way to celebrate our planet than by trying to create your own little nature scene in play dough! Create your own Earth Day play dough invitation with a few simple items from home!

45. Fizzy Earth Day Sensory Bin

Add a little science to Earth Day with a Fizzy Sensory Bin that simulates volcanic eruptions or oceanic fizz. It’s a fun way to discuss natural Earth processes and the science behind them while keeping kids engaged through sensory play.

46. Earth Day Sensory Bag for Kids

Create a no-mess, tactile experience with an Earth Day Sensory Bag for kids. This sealed, squishy bag can be filled with items like glitter, small beads, and colored water to represent the Earth, offering a safe and sensory-rich way for even the youngest children to celebrate Earth Day.

47. Earth Day Goop

Get messy for a good cause with Earth Day Goop, an ooey-gooey, sensory-rich experience. This play activity is a fun way to discuss pollution and the environment, teaching kids the impact of waste in a tactile way.

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