55+ Easy Activities for 5 Year Olds

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UPDATED: Banish boredom in your house with these 55+ super fun hands on and easy activities and crafts for 5 year olds or kindergartners.

Do you have a 5 year old or kindergartner at home? Then this is the ultimate list for you. Here are 55+ amazing activity ideas to do with your 5 year old or kindergartner. From building an aquarium to making 2 ingredient silly putty to making paper houses and cork boats, there are tons and tons of really cool ideas your 5 year old will love.

This amazing list is organized into 4 sections:

  1. Boredom Busting Activities
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Fun Learning Activities
  4. Sensory Activities

OK Let the fun begin!

Boredom Busting Activities for 5 Year Olds

  1. Make a chalk maze – create a maze for toy cars using sidewalk chalk

2. Build a backyard obstacle course outside.

3. Build a fort – used blankets, cushions and chairs to build the ultimate retreat nook. Dontas forget to add lots and lots of books!

4. Build a marble Run – use cardboard, construction paper, tape and marbles. Roll the construction paper up to make a tube and tape them to the cardboard to make a marble run.

5. Make silly putty.

6. Giant Dots and Boxes.

7. Play with giant water beads.

8. Nature Tea Party – Collect things from your backyard like rocks, leaves, dirt and flowers to make a nature tea using your favourite tea set or a jug and cups.

9. Spray Bottle Water Fights.

10. Magnetic Tile Ramps.

11. DIY Post-It Dominoes.

Arts & Crafts for 5 Year Olds

12. Three Marker Colouring Challenge – Close your eyes and choose three markers from a pile. Use those colours and only those three colours to colour a favourite coloring page.

13. Make crazy hats – Construction paper, tape and scissors. Create the craziest looking hats you can using cut out lighten bolts, spirals, and different shapes.

14. Make a paper house.

15. Build Easter Egg Boats

16. Draw to music.

17. Giant Nail Painting Activity.

18. Make a garden sensory bottle.

19. Paint Kindness Rocks – paint rocks using washable paints and brushes and once dry write kind messages on them.

20. Textured Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft

21. Family Portrait Sticky Wall.

22. Make An Aquarium.

23. Cardboard Picture Frame Craft

24. Giant Baby Doll Colouring – Not into baby dolls? Trace cars and trucks to decorate them!

25. Textured Heart Sun Catcher Craft

26. Potato Masher Ice Cream Craft

27. Gems and Water Colour Flower Craft

Fun Learning Activities for 5 Year Olds

28. Baby Doll Haircuts.

29. Colour by Addition – Parents write simple addition or subtraction problems in each section of a colouring paper. Then create a key idenifitin which colour each answer should be. For instance if the answer is 3 then colour that second red.

30. Shaving Cream Sight Word Game.

31. Build The Alphabet Sticky Wall

32. Spray Bottle Letters – use a spray bottle to make letters on a fence or on a sidewalk.

33. Ice Cream Skip Counting Sticky Wall – Supplies: contact paper, masking tape, foam sheets, scissors and black sharpie.

34. Build A Magnetic Tile Clock – use magnetic tiles to make a giant clock. Use post it notes for the numbers or washable chalk markers.

35. Rubber Duck Math Race

36. DIY Egg Carton Ten-Frame Game

37. Magnetic Tile Ten Frame Game

38. Ocean Sight Word Sensory Bin

39. Ten Frame Sensory Bag

40. Dot Sticker Sight Words

41. One More One Less with Dot Stickers

42. Post-it Memory Game

43. Mystery Math: A Crayon Resist Activity

44. Toilet Paper Roll Skip Counting

Sensory Activities for 5 Year olds

45. Cork Boat Sensory Bin – make boats out of corks, elastic bands, toothpicks and foam sheets for the sails. Fill a sensory bin with water and blue food colouring, fish, sharks and sea shells.

46. Ocean Sensory Bottles

47. Wash the Horses Sensory Bin – fill a sensory bin with water and bubble bath to make bubbles. Add horse toys, combs and wash clothes.

48. Cloud Dough Kitchen

Cloud dough kitchen sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

49. Textured Playdough Activity

Textured autumn play dough invitation for kids

50. One- Step Slime Sensory Bin

one step slime bug sensory bin

51. Under The Sea Bath

52. Make Shaving Cream Worms – use shaving cream, colander and a large bowl to make shaving cream worms. Turn large bowl upside down, cover the top with shaving cream, press colander down on the shaving cream to let it squeeze through the holes of the colander.

53. Shaving Cream and Baby Doll Sensory Bin

54. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bin

55. PAW Patrol Play Dough Tray

56. Colour Mixing Tea Party


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  1. Hii all activities are mind blowing. Can u please tell some activities for 3 years old boy baby

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      Thank you! Yes I have a great post for 3 year olds. Search: 50+ THINGS TO DO AT HOME WITH YOUR 3 YEAR OLD