Build the Alphabet Sticky Wall

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Inside: Build the alphabet is a fun way to practice and learn to write all the letters of the alphabet. This letter recognition sticky wall activity is ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners and can be modified for toddlers as well by doing a select number of letters.

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My daughter, 5.5 years old absolutely loved this letter recognition activity and eagerly wanted to build all the letters of the alphabet – lower and upper case!

Creating the shapes to build the letters is so easy and once you have created them you can save them to use again with another activity or with this same activity at another time.

I used foam sheets -one of my favourite craft supply items to use for activities. Cut about 20 long straight pieces, 10 short straight pieces, 20 large curved pieces, 20 small curved pieces and 2 small circles.

I know it sounds like a lot but I was able to cut all these shapes in less than 10 minutes. Place all the items into different bowls.

Unroll your contact paper, cut a piece off and stick it on the wall with the sticky side facing out using painter’s tape.

I then invited my daughter to come and start build the alphabet with the tools. I built the first letter just to give her an idea of what to do and she immediately knew what to do and got to work!

Tips and Tricks

My kindergartner knows generally how to write all her letters so I did not have to write the letters on the contact paper before hand. If I was doing this activity with a 3 or 4 year old I would definitely have written out the letters on the contact paper before hand for reference.

When my daughter got stuck on a letter and couldn’t think of how to build it with the shapes provided.

I asked her to trace the letter in the air or on the wall with her finger and as she did I asked her to think about which part of the letter was straight and which part is curved.

Once she did this, she immediately was able to think of which shapes to use. For preschoolers, have them trace the letter you have written on the contact paper for reference to help them figure out which shapes to use to write the letter.


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