3 Amazing Sensory Bottle Crafts for Kids

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INSIDE: i partnered up with Michaels to create 3 amazing sensory bottle crafts for kids! A beautiful and glitter under the sea world; a dinosaur lagoon; and an outer space world in a sensory bottle. These sensory bottle crafts are more than just a sensory bottle. They’re a fun craft to make and a calming sensory bottle to watch!

Sensory Bottle for Kids

I love the idea of sensory bottles. They have a calming effect and make wonderful quiet time activities. But sometimes when I go through all the effort and time to create one them my kids, they end up playing with it for a very short time.

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These 3 Amazing Sensory Bottle Crafts for kids are a greatextension of the basic calm down glitter bottle. They’re awonderful and safe way for toddlers and preschoolers to explore.For older kids, they’re a creative hands-on way for them todiscover basic scientific principles. At Michaels, you’ll find all thebest art supplies your kids need to create these beautiful andunique sensory bottles!

So I decided a long time ago that making sensory bottles is just as fun as playing with them. I thought if I involved my kids in the process they would more likely want to play with them and thus benefit from their calming effect! And if they didn’t at least we were able to make a beautiful craft/ activity together!

Here’s how to create these 3 Amazing Sensory Bottle Craft

Watch this short video on how to make the Under the Sea Glitter Sensory Bottle Craft, Dinosaurs Glitter Sensory Bottle and the Outer Space Sensory Bottle. I made all these sensory bottles using supplies from Michaels!

How to Make 3 Fun Make Sensory Bottle Craft

  1. Take your sensory bottle and add animals and glitter.
  2. Fill 2/3 of the sensory bottle with warm water.
  3. Fill the rest of the sensory bottle with clear glue.
  4. Close tightly and shake. You will get some bubbles. These willgo away shortly.
  5. Decorate the outside of the sensory bottle with the stickers.
  6. Seal the sensory bottle with duct tape.
  7. Shake and enjoy!

Seal the top of the sensory bottle with duct tape on the outside or with use a hot glue gun. Place the hot glue on the inside of the cap and them close it tightly to secure. Adult supervision is required if using. hot glue gun.

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