Sensory Bottle DIY Play Ideas

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Looking for fun things to do with kids at home? I have two sensory bottle play ideas you can add to your list!

I love a good sensory bottle for my kids! They are so versatile and fun and are great at stimulating the senses. 

You can also add an educational twist to them for an epic learning experience. They are a great option for indoor activities for kids of all ages! 

DIY Sensory Bottle Play Ideas

Below are two fun and engaging sensory bottles I made for my girls recently that were a hit!

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How to Make Sensory Bottles

#1 I Spy Sensory Bottle for Kids

An alternative to glitter sensory bottles (which are awesome) are beads! Here’s how to create a sensory bottle with beads:

Add beads to the bottom of your sensory bottle. 

DIY Play Ideas

Then, add hair gel into your sensory bottle by using a funnel. 

DIY Sensory Bottle Play Ideas

Continue this process back and forth of beads and hair gel until you reach the top of the bottle. 

DIY Sensory play ideas for Kids

Once you reach the top, you’re ready for the final step. 

DIY Sensory Bottle Play Ideas

Use a hot glue gun to add extra security on the inside of your cap. 

DIY Sensory Bottle Play Ideas

Close the bottle with the cap. This will allow for the bottle to be closed tightly and securely. 

DIY play ideas for Kids

You’re all set! The bottle is ready to go. 

Sensory Bottles for Kids

I spy games for kids is always exciting and fun and calls for great indoor fun for kids. What I love most about making these is that each time they are completely different and always enjoyable for them. 

For this particular sensory bottle I wanted to create an i spy color game for my 3 year old and 6 year old’s needs. My preschooler called out the colors she saw in the bottle while my kindergartener counted one color for me (for instance, the color red) and practiced her counting in this way! 

Sensory Bottles for Kids

This sensory bottle can also be created with baby oil mixed with water or with pom poms inside which are great activities for toddlers at home. What ways can you think of creating one? 


  • Sensory Bottle (we used recycled voss bottles)
  • Hair gel 
  • Beads (we used fusible beads)
  • Funnel for easy layering
  • Glue gun

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Sensory Bottle

Glowing sensory bottles are great for bedtime, on a camping night or just for fun! Here’s how to make it: 

Insert long, thin glow sticks that have been activated into your bottle. 

Sensory Bottles for Kids

Use a funnel to insert the water beads thereafter until it reaches the top. 

Sensory play ideas for Kids

Use a hot glue gun to add extra security on your cap. 

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Sensory Bottle

Close the bottle with the cap tightly for extra security. 

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Sensory Bottle

You’re all set! The sensory bottle is ready to be played with. 

Sensory Activities for Toddlers 

For added educational fun, you can use one of each color in different bottles for learning about colors. Play a game of, “ How many water beads do you think are in there?” or just use these for great toddler sensory fun. 

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Sensory Bottle

My girls really enjoyed this sensory bottle. Their favorite part was that it was glow in the dark. 

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Sensory Bottle

They also liked the sound the water beads made as they shook their bottles. These sensory bottles work well for different ages. 


  • Sensory Bottles (we used recycled voss bottles)
  • Water beads
  • Glow sticks
  • Funnel for easy pouring
  • Glue gun

I hope you enjoyed these two sensory bottles for kids as much as my girls did! These two play ideas can be added to your list of fun things to do with kids at home. 

Will you give these sensory bottles for kids a try? Pin it for later!

#2 Glow in the Dark Water Bead Bottle

Do you have any fun and engaging sensory bottle play ideas? What are your best tips?

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