Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

INSIDE: Tissue Paper Chick Craft is an adorable craft for toddlers and preschoolers. This fun and easy craft is a wonderful activity to do for Spring or Easter!

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

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How to Make a Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Grab a square piece of cardboard. Using box cutters or scissors and cut out the shape of a chick – round head and round body.

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover the cut out shape of your chick plus the outline of the chick. Peel the paper backing off the contact paper and stick it on the back of the cardboard chick cut out. You won’t need tape or glue to secure it. It will stick on its own the cardboard chick outline.

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Flip your chick over. The sticky side should be facing up.

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Grab your yellow tissue and cut it into small squares. Fold a piece of orange construction paper in half and cut out a triangle for the beak of your chick.

Time to Create your Tissue Paper Chick

Invite your little one to first add googley eyes and then the beak to the head of your chick. Invite them to then scrunch up the yellow tissue paper squares and then stick them all over the chick until its body is completely covered!

Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

Age Suitability

My twins are 3 years old at the time of this activity. This activity is ideal for 2 year old toddlers to 4 year old preschoolers.

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Adorable Tissue Paper Chick Craft

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