Fill the Alphabet Toddler Activity

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Fill the alphabet toddler activity is a fun scoop and pour alphabet sensory bin and a great way to learn and practice the alphabet.

My toddlers love playing with our pony beads. I purchased a 5lbs set from Amazon and they have been amazing. Please be aware that these are small beads and so they can pose a choking hazard to small children. Please your best judgement when using them.

So far Ive used our pony beads in a fun Valentine’s Day activity but Ive let my kids play with them one their own tons of times since I bought them and they love it!

Here’s how to set up Fill the Alphabet Toddler Activity

Grab your foam letters and plastic VOSS bottles and duct tape. You can also use regular tape here. Tape the foam letters that you want to practice with your toddler on to the VOSS bottles. If you don’t have plastic VOSS bottles use any other type of water bottle or plastic container that you have.

Tape the bottle to the bottom of your sensory bin using the duct tape. Then fill the sensory bin with your pony beads.

If you don’t have pony beads you can also use pom poms, beans or rice. I added scoopers but my twins rarely used.

I then invited my twins to fill the letter bottles with the pony beads. They immediately dug right in.

How to play

In this activity my twins dug through the pony bead and used the hands and the scoopers to fill the bottles. They never actually got the bottle completely full before pulling it up and dumping it out to repeat the process.

All the while I was using parallel talk and narrating what they were doing I was also asking questions (see below).

As my toddlers dug through the pony beads they would discover fun and different one like airplane beads or car beads, I would them ask them what they found and them I asked them to put the bead in a certain letter.

What to talk about

There are plenty of opportunities to talk about colour as well as letters in this activity.


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