Frozen Pom Pom Soup

When we first put pom poms in water it complete changed the way we used our pom poms. That is until I put the in water and then into the freezer, then once again we found a new way to use our pom poms!

In this activity I combine my two favourite unique ways of playing with pom poms into one really fun winter sensory activity!

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Here’s how to get started

Start by gathering your ice trays and blue and white coloured pom poms. Stick a couple of each pom poms into each section of the ice tray and then fill them with water.

If you desire, you can also add a drop of blue food colouring into a few of the ice cubes.

I like to hold the pom poms down in the water slightly so that they can absorb the water. That will help them to stay submerged.

Place them in the freezer over night in order to ensure that they freeze completely

Sensory Set Up

Grab a few blue and white coloured bowls and cup. Some spoons, a serving spoon and a soup ladle.

Once your pom poms have frozen, break them out and place them into a large container and then add about an inch or two of cold water. Cold water will help to keep the pom poms from thawing too quickly. You can use a sensory bin. I found this to be the best option as it was big and my daughter was able to play and the water was more or less contained. I also added a drop of blue food colouring in the sensory bin after she played for a while of playing.

As with all sensory bin activities, I clearly set out the rules of play before we start. I started doing these types of activities with my daughter when she was 18 months so now at 4 years old she is well aware of rules.

I always say its best to start this practice young so that when they get older you have the freedom to do messier (and more fun!) activities with them without the mess being too much of a headache for you!

Sensory Play Time

This activity is a little different from my other frozen activities. Whereas those activities the objective was to melt and free the objects here the objective if just to play.

My daughter enjoyed making soup for her dolls. Spooning out the pom pom ice cubes and later just the pom poms. She then found my stash of little plastic jars and started to pretend that she was canning food for the winter. It was absolute adorable and she completely enjoyed!

The pom poms will melt on their own in this activity so your little can just enjoy playing with the blocks of frozen pom poms creating a icy blue and white winter soup!

Benefits of Sensory Play

There are so many benefits to sensory play including stimulating the sense of touch, smell and sight but the most important one, in my opinion, is language development.

Sensory play is such a great time to talk about what your child is doing and seeing and feeling. If your child is young and unable to speak about what they are sensing, you be the one to describe it for them.

Oh! it’s cold isn’t it buddy!

You have a blue pom pom!

Look! I have a white one!

Mine is big and yours is small!

For older kids who can talk ask them questions and let them tell you what they are sensing!

How does it feel buddy? Is it cold?

Oh, what colour do you have?

Which one of these is bigger?

For my four year old, I let her lead the conversation and play and at four she is never at a loss for words!


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