Juneteenth Suncatcher Craft for Kids

INSIDE: Juneteenth Suncatcher Craft is a fun and easy craft for kids using contact paper! It is also a great way to celebrate Juneteenth.

What is the The Pan-African flag?

According to NPR, the Pan-African flag, (which is also known as the Marcus Garvey, UNIA, Afro-American or Black Liberation flag,) was created to represent people of the African Diaspora, and “black freedom.”

What do the Colours Mean?

The each colours of the Pan-African flag has a meaning. Red stands for the blood shed by black people who gave their lives in their fight for freedom, and the shared blood of African people. Black stands for black people. And green stands for growth and the natural fertility of Africa.

How The Flag is Used During Juneteenth?

These days, the Pan-African flags is often used when black people need a symbol of unity that different from the American flag for instance during marches for justice.

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How to Create A Juneteenth Suncatcher Craft

  1. Grab you contact paper and cut a square and use double sided tape to secure it to a window with the sticky side facing out.

Cut red, black and green tissue paper into squares and place them into bowls for easy access. Keep the colours separate especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

For toddlers and preschoolers, draw the lines of the flag so they know where to place each colour. You can also only give them one colour at a time to complete.

Stick the tissue paper up on to the contact paper in order to create the flag.


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  • Red, Black, Green Tissue paper
  • Contact paper
  • Double Sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Bowls

Age Suitability

This activity is good for kids 3 years and up. My kids are 3, 3, and 6 year old.

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