Letter Wash Sensory Bin

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Washing activities are the perfect way to entertain kids of all ages. Bubbles and water and a sponge what more could a kid ask for!

Here is a fun twist on a washing activity where your little one washes magnetic letters!

Here’s how to get started

Fill a large sensory bin with water. Add dish soap and whisk with a whisk or just your hand to create bubbles. Add the magnetic letters and a sponge.

I also added a separate smaller container with fresh water for rinsing and a few dish towels to dry the letters. I placed a bath mat under the sensory in order to keep the floor dry.

Perfect Literacy Sensory Bin for All Ages

This is the perfect sensory bin for all ages. For young toddlers you can simply have them wash the letters and you identify them as they wash.

For older toddlers and preschoolers you can have them identify the letters and even their sounds as they wash or even match them to a sheet of paper once they are dry.

For kindergarteners you start combining letter sounds to form simple words. We have been working on -at words. So I created a sheet with blank spaces in front of -at.

My four year old pulled out a letter, washed and dried it then began creating -at words like cat, pat and hat.

Easy Water Fun

This was a simple but very fun water and bubbles sensory bin that can make learning letter fun!


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