Magna-Tile Cap Drop

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Magna-Tiles are one of the most played with toys in our house. From my 4 year old to my 14 month old twins, they love building with them, knocking them down, looking at the light through them and more. Magna-Tiles really are a great open-ended toy for kids.

Being an activity mom, I love finding new ways to play with Magna-Tiles. Check out this simple to set up activity for toddlers that my two baby toddlers really loved!

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Here’s How to Set Up Magna-Tile Cap Drop

Truth be told, my 14 month old twins love knocking things down more than they love building. It’s just the age they are at.

First, they must learn to take things apart before they can learn to put them back together again.

So often our playing with Magna-Tiles involves me building with their help and them knocking down my structure!!

In this activity I built a simple square box and them I continued to build it upwards to create a square tube or tower.

Then I pulled out my big box of caps and my baby toddlers were in heaven!

I showed them how to drop the caps down the Magna-Tiles square tube and they immediately followed suit.

So Much Fun and Learning

My little toddlers absolutely loved this activity and so did I. We were chattering and giggling and having a great time!

Oh and learning of course! What were they learning? What weren’t they learning is the real question. There are so many opportunities to sneak learning into an activity like this.

Of course at 14 months they aren’t going to repeat it back to me but they are like sponges especially while playing, so take these opportunities to talk about, numbers, colours, or even sounds!

When one of my toddler picked up a green cap, I would say, “Oh look, you have a green cap, are you going to put it into the tower?”

Or when one picked up more than one cap, I would say, “Wow you have 3 caps in your hands! Let’s listen as you drop them down the tower!”

And if they knocked the tower down I just said, “Ooops! Let’s rebuild it!”



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    Deborah Goudreau

    You have such wonderful,ideas! Especially with regards to using low cost materials. Thank you for sharing them!

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