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This activity is great to do after the MegaBlok Painting process art activity. However, it can do done on its own. It is arguably just as fun if not more fun than the MegaBlok Painting activity. Here’s what you need to get started:


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  • ‘Dirty’ Megabloks
  • Dish soap
  • Sponges
  • Sensory Bin
  • Water

Set up:

megablok painting6

If you are doing this activity following the MegaBlok Painting activity then you will be all set up to start this activity. If you are doing this as a stand alone activity you will need a sensory bin filled with MegaBloks. You could either just pretent that they are dirty and clean them (my toddler has a crazy imagination and would love to do that). You could cover them in some shaving cream and have her clean that off or you could cover them in anything else you can think of. Since we did this activity directly following the MegaBlok Painting activity we were washing off paint.

megablock washing2

Fill the sensory bin with an inch of water and squeeze in the dish soap. I used a garden hose to whip up the bubbles. If you are doing this indoors, use a whisker or an electric hand blender to get make really good bubbles.

megablock washing5

Hand your toddler the sponge and let them do the cleaning up for you!

megablock washing3

Since we had been painting using our Jolly B for Kids Deluxe Kids Art & Craft Set paint brushes and IKEA rainbow bowls, I added these to the list of items that needed to be washed and my toddler happily obliged!

megablock washing6

Now in case you are wondering, no my toddler did not get all the paint off the brushes or bowls or blocks for that matter but she did a pretty good job and I am running a tot-school here not a sweatshop!

megablock washing7

So how ever clean she made them was alright with me; it just made my job a lot easier and I got an extra 15 minutes to get a few chores in the backyard done!

megablock washing8


megablock washingPINTEXT

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