Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

INSIDE: Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids is a surprising fun craft for kids of all ages. Create beautiful and unique looking hearts using crayons!

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

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Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

This was a surprising fun activity that my 3 and 7 year olds both enjoyed.

First off, this can get messy with crayon shavings so be prepared. I would advise not to do this activity over carpet as the crayon shavings may fall on the floor. I also recommend using a large sensory bin to grate the crayons into. I used a baking sheet to contain the mess and it still migrated onto the table. Next time I do this I will place the baking sheet into a large sensory bin.

Grab all your Valentine’s Day coloured crayons – red, pink and purple. We used mostly thin crayons but we also had a few chunky ones. Both are easy to grate but my 7 year old found it easier to grate the chunky ones and they of course produced more shavings.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

When getting your kids to grate the crayons use a sturdy grater and make sure to watch little fingers on the grater. My 3 year old had some difficulty grating the crayons at first, so I did most of the grating before my 7 year old joined us. She immediately wanted to participate and loved every minute of grating.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids
Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

I was surprised by how much she enjoyed grating the crayons. In our house crayons don’t get used much. It’s something Ive never been able to figure out. My kids would rather use markers, pastels, paint sticks just about anything over crayons. But when it came to creating crayon shavings they couldn’t get enough of it! They loved putting their hands in the shavings and collecting and organizing the colours.

As your kids grate each color you can either separate them into different bowls or do what we did and just create small piles of each colour on the side of the baking sheet.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

Once you have a few colours shaved, grab a sheet of waxed paper and lay it on a piece of cardboard on a table. Take a sharpie and draw the outline of a several hearts.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

Next, invite your little one to sprinkle the hearts with the crayon shavings. My 3 year old was the artist while my 7 year olds did most of the shaving (their choices) so the different colours were quickly all mixed together. For older kids, they can create designs with each colour.

Once the hearts are filled with a thin layer of crayon lay another sheet of waxed paper on top. Be sure not to pile up the crayon shavings too much on the hearts because when you are adding heat to the the hearts the melted crayons may ooze out the ends of the wax paper. Less is better. We perhaps added a bit too much largely because I ran out of wax paper and my kids loved grating so much!

Time to add the Heat

Next, take your iron and turn it to low. I used the silk setting for this activity. Once it is hot place a sheet of paper over the wax paper and press down with the iron. You will see the paper absorb the oils from the crayon shavings as the heat melts them.

After ironing for a few seconds, remove it and the sheet of paper and check to see if the crayon shavings have melted completely. Add more heat if you see any unmelted shavings or if the wax paper has any bubbles or hasn’t adhered to the crayons completely. You may need to flip the sheet over to apply heat to the other side.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

It took a few attemtps to get it perfect. I checked every few seconds to see the progress. Once your hearts are mostly melted you can cut them out.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

Once cut out you can add more heat to ensure that everything is melted and the crayon and wax paper won’t come apart. Be sure to always lay a sheet of paper over the wax paper before ironing.

Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids
Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

Beautiful decoration

Once the cut out hearts are done, grab a piece of string or fishing wire and tape them along the string. You can then hang them down or great a garland. Hang them on our windows or walls for some beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day decorations.

Age Suitability for Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

This activity is great for kids 3 years and up. My kids are 3.5, 3.5, and 7.5 year old. Ironing should be done by an adult.

Supplies for Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

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  • Red, purple and pink crayons
  • Grater
  • Baking sheet
  • Waxed paper
  • Iron
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Fishing wire or string
  • tape

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Melted Crayon Hearts: Fun Craft for Kids

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