Mess Free Christmas Tree Painting

Mess free Christmas tree painting for the Holidays! A fun and easy art activity that is perfect for all ages – babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

Here is a fun and super easy painting activity that is perfect for babies and toddlers for Winter and the Holiday season.


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Here’s how to get started with Mess Free Christmas Tree Painting.

Grab your large freezer bag and draw a Christmas tree using a black sharpie on the front of the bag. I also added some presents under the tree.

You don’t need to be an artist so don’t worry if it’s perfect!

I also added some a foam star sticker to the top of the tree. I did this by sticking the star  inside the bag on the back side.

Add a few few blobs of green paint into the bag on tree, red for the presents and white for the background around the Christmas tree.

Seal the bag – make sure it’s sealed tight and all the air is removed.

Then tape it to the floor or table wall or window. If you are doing this with babies make sure to tape it well.

Have your little one move the paint around to “paint” the Christmas tree, presents and the background. This created a beautiful Christmas scene.

Get them Going

Honestly, this was meant for my 9 month old twins but they were beat out by their older sister who saw it and really wanted to do it herself.

So although this activity is ideal for babies and toddlers, older kids might be interested in it as well. Especially if it means beating out a younger sibling!

Toddlers and preschoolers would definitely be able to move the paint around on their own using their fingers. Babies will need some help.

Clean Up

And when they were done (I kept these up for a few days) I tossed the bag away. But if you want to save it all you need to do is rinse it out and use it for another painting activity! Just make sure if has no tiny holes in it!


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