Mess Free Fall Art Activity

Leaves, acorns, apple oh my! The natural environment during Fall is so full of colourful and yummy things to talk a out, draw and paint. With three kids (two of which are 7 months old) sometimes I want to paint but I don’t want all the mess.


Painting in a bag is your solution if you are like me and want your little one(s) to have the sensory experience of painting but don’t want the mess.


Here is a fun and super easy painting activity that is perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Grab your large freezer bag (I have twins so I did two) and draw leaves, acorns and apples using a black sharpie.



Add a few daps of paint into the bag inside each item. I used red and yellow for the leaves, red and green for the apple and brown for the acorn.


Seal the bag and then tape it to the floor or table. If you are doing this with babies make sure to tape it well.


One of my little ones grab the bag right off the bat and I had to retape it! So don’t make my mistake – tape the bag done well!


My twins are 7 months old here

Luckily everything was sealed tight so there was no mess!


Have your little one move the paint around to “paint” the fall objects.


I had to help them figure out what to do.

This created a beautiful fall scene. And when they are done either toss the bag away or rinse it out and use it for another painting activity!


They loved patting at the objects and colours!




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Happy babies = happy mommy! And no mess to clean up!

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