Puzzle Letter Match

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Here is a fun and super easy letter sound matching activity that you can set up quickly for your toddler or preschooler.


Do you have a ton of puzzles that your child has out grown. Well I guarantee you that this activity will breath new life in them.


This fun literacy activity lasted long enough for me to make dinner and kept her them learning and occupied.


Here’s how to get started:

Start by grabbing a few sheets of paper and a sharpie and write out all the letters of the alphabet. I did it this way because I honestly did not have time to go through her puzzles before hand and write out the beginning letters of all the pieces.


So by writing out out all the letters I covered all my bases and it also forced her to look through all the letters to find the one she needs.


Make sure to leave space in between all the letters because they will have to place the puzzle pieces on the letters and quite often there will be more than one piece on each one.


Puzzles Puzzles Everywhere

To make this fun and novel for your big kid pull out as many puzzles you think your little one can handle. For my four year old I pulled out 5 but i could have pulled out way more. Pull out more or less depending on the age of your child.


Set the puzzles up all around them and then let them choose which one they want to do first.


Have them pull out a puzzle piece and tell you what it is and have them sound out what the beginning letter is.


I then had my 4 year old find and place the puzzle piece on the letter and move on to the next.


It’s as easy as that but she loved it!


She moved from one puzzle to the next and completed them. Sounding out the beginning letter as she went. For some pieces like chicken I would help her out or we would use another word like rooster.

Total Hit

This made the perfect after school activity for me. As you can see I had the twins in the back ground working on their own puzzle! And this saved me from having to resorting to TV during dinner prep!



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  • Puzzles (3-8 different puzzles depending on age of child)
  • 2-3 sheets of paper
  • Sharpie


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