Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

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INSIDE: Snow Counting activity is a fun way to practice counting in winter or on snowy days! Bring the snow indoors for this fun and easy snow numeracy activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

We had a white Christmas this year. One good things to come in a year filled with many disappointments. And then it snowed again the next day so we had lots of snow to play with outdoors and in! To practice counting with my toddlers, I set up this simple counting activity indoors using real snow but you can also use fake snow.

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How to Set Up Snow Counting

Grab a baking sheet and head outside and fill it with snow. The key to keeping it from melting too quickly once you bring it inside is to pack it down. Bring it inside and pack it down and smooth the surface with spoon or spatula or your hand.

Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

Grab a marker and numbers and punch small holes in the snow to correspond to the numbers. See the picture above. Place the foam numbers beside the holes.

Snow Counting with Pom Poms

Next, grab enough Pom Poms to count out and place inside the holes. You can also use buttons, squeeze pouch caps, small stones or just about anything you have that will fit in the holes in the snow.

Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

Invite your preschooler to come and count out the correct number of Pom Poms for each number and place then into the holes.

Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

Snow Counting with Coloured Water

Here is another way to extend this activity using the same baking sheet of snow, numbers and holes you just created. Grab your eye droppers and bowls. Fill the bowls with a small amount of water. Add a few drops of food colouring to each bowl.

Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

Invite your preschooler to use the eye droppers to colour the snow inside the holes with coloured water. As they colour each hole, have them count out the number.

Snow Counting Preschooler Activity

Extend this activity further by having them use the eye droppers snd coloured water to colour the rest of the snow. See Snow Art for more.


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