Snowflake Drop

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Here is a fun winter activity perfect for babies and toddlers. It is easy to set up and makes a great busy activity when stuck indoors during the winter.

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Here’s how to get started:

Gather all of your supplies.

On the inside of the jar lids, I drew a few snowflakes using a blue permanent marker. You could also use snowflake stickers (just keep an eye on them with little ones who are still putting things in their mouths.

Its Snowing!

There are several ways that you can do this activity depending on the level and age of your child. For my 11 month old twins the best version was using a jug and big box (above). They loved the sound that it made as the metal lids fell onto the bottom of the jug.

I also did this activity using a shoe box. I cut a slit out of the top of the box big enough to fit the lids and using a wipes container.

Modeling Modeling

I then modeled what I wanted my twins to do. I handed them a few of the snowflake lids and then I took a few and dropped them into the jug or box or wipes container. I did this several times during the day, talking about what I was doing the entire time. Then I asked my twins to do the same.

They both loved dropping them down the jug but at 11 months had trouble getting the lids into the box and wipes container. Although they found the wipes container the most interesting, it was difficult for them to actually get them in there. But they still enjoyed trying! This option would be great for toddlers. This was a challenging activity for my 11 months but I wanted to see how they reacted to a challenge. Neither one got frustrated but instead got curious about the box and what was inside. I also used this opportunity to talk to them about what they were doing and what I was doing.

Total Hit

Why on earth would I say that this was a total hit when my twins could not do part of the activity? Well because it kept them engaged and happy and entertained for more than 15 minutes that’s why! AND it provided lots of opportunity for me to talk to them about what they were doing and what I was doing.

They loved dropping the snowflakes into jug and they were able to do this easily and they were not frustrated by the challenge of putting those same snowflake lids into a box. So for me that is a mom win.

Just Playing!

They also loved just playing with the snowflake lids. Baby boy loved banging them together and mouthing them and Baby girl loved collecting as many as she could in her hands!


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  • Lids from jars
  • Wipes container, or large jug or box
  • Blue Sharpie


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