26 Best Toys for 4-5 Year Olds

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UPDATED 2022: 26 of the best toys for 4-5 year olds or kindergartners that will excite and thrill them as well as keep them learning and developing key skills.

Toys for Kindergartners 4-5 Years Old

This is the age where toys get really cool! From detailed dragon castles to building and creating your own fort, the toys for the kindergarten or 4 to 5 year old level are one of my favorites.

Toys that will Add to Their Collection

This list of toys builds on lists in the past. It adds to set they already love and have such as magnetic tiles and it also introduces toys that they are familiar with but may have out grown such as LEGO.

The puzzles are a bit harder and the games more intricate but all still on the level of a kindergartner.

The Best Toys for 4-5 Year Old Kindergartners

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Fat Brain Toys - A Smarter Way to Play

Play Dough Sensory Kits

Play is at the core of learning during the early years and it can take many forms. One of the most important of these is sensory play because it engages all of a child’s senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing) and has a enormous positive impact on brain development. My Sensory Play Kits are a fun and easy way to keep your child engaged while at the same time capitalizing on the benefits of sensory play to nurture their mind!

Shop my ready made sensory play kits here

Super STEAM Activity Book for Kids

Learning all about science, technology, engineering, art, and math sets kids up for scholastic success―and it can be so much fun! Watch kids enjoy building STEAM skills as they color friendly fish, help water find its way to tree roots, solve math problems with mazes, and more. 

Connetix Magnetic Tiles

I first bought these amazing magnetic tiles when my kids were toddlers and now I am just adding to their sets. Their imaginations are bigger and more tiles lets them keep creating.

Surprise Powerz STEM Dolls

Prepare your little girl for tomorrow today with these adorable. STEM role models. STEM role models matter for early learners and particularly for girls in preschool and kindergarten. These kids are not too young to learn STEM! Surprise Powerz dolls are made with Fun Science, Tech, Engineering and Math Early Learning Frameworks! Made with real girls’ voices to reflect a true representation of their culture. And made to inspire girls to break barriers.

33 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Toddlers

Creativity for Kids Create With Clay Dinosaurs

Bring three dinosaurs to life with vibrant clay! Art, adventure, science and fun all combined for the perfect steam experience. Dinosaurs allow children to learn and fantasize about prehistoric times through creative play. F This open ended craft kit allows kids to use their creativity to inspire their dinosaur creations. Develop fine motors skills while creating with clay!

SmartGames Smart Farmer Board Game

Smart Farmer features 60 challenges with horses, pigs, cows and sheep. Children can build upon their spatial insight, planning, problem solving, concentration, and flexible thinking while playing the Smart Farmer board game. It’s so fun to play, they’ll forget they’re learning!

Play22 Take Apart Racing Car Toy

Take Apart Racing Car Toys and Build Your Own Toy Car.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

It’s the only talking microscope for kids! This GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope introduces preschoolers to even more amazing animals, plants, and household items. There are 5x more images to view and learn about and 20 total prepared slides. Little ones choose from Fact Mode to learn about the items on a slide or Quiz Mode to test their scientific skills.

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

This engaging set features plastic gears, cranks, connectors and interlocking base plates for endless construction possibilities! The included Activity Guide covers building basics that lay the foundation for basic cause and effect. Children can then create a crawling caterpillar and a souped-up race car!

B. Toys Pop-Arty! Snap Beads Jewelry Kit

The B. Pop-Arty Jewelry Fashion Kit features 500 unique shapes and designs, including 12 rings and 6 bracelets, that are fun to create and wear. This kit is perfect for a play date, rainy day or party fun. B. Pop-Arty beads snap together quickly, securely, and easily. They’re also reusable, so you can make it, wear it, remake it, and wear it again! Includes a convenient clear storage tub with carrying handle, which makes cleanup easy and travel hassle-free. Ages 4 years and up.

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Project Workbench Play Building Set

Keep that little builder busy with this sturdy wooden workbench that’s just the right size, right down to the nuts and bolts. This set includes a functioning vise, a tool rack, wooden tools and hardware, and a storage shelf. Ideas to spark the imagination are included! Our wooden workbench for kids is made of high-quality wood to ensure durability and safety. . The Wooden Project Solid Wood Workbench is a great gift for kids ages 3 to 6.

PAW Patrol: The Movie – 4-Game Adventure City Pack

With this 4-game gift set, you will have way more than an evening’s worth of entertaining games from the new film- PAW Patrol: The Movie. You will receive The Adventure City Lookout Game, Pop-Up Game, 72-Card Memory Match Game, and 28 Wooden Dominoes. Perfect for children ages 4 and up, these are great games to play alongside your kids or drop them off at a game night with friends – they will be the star of the party!


These are fun going a hike or just bird watching in our backyard. A great gift for any budding scientist.

Kinetic Sand Plus Tools

Kinetic sand is a fantastic sensory bin filler. I like to make my own but I also have purchased it in the past. The tools included in this set a great for continue to develop those fine motor skills.


Great little camera to let your little one capture their world from their vantage point.

Wooden Crane Set

This wooden crane is the perfect pairing with almost any other set.

Dragon Castle

This is one of the most played with toys in my house. Both by my 6 year old and 2.5 year olds. The scenarios and games they come up with when playing with this castle is truly magical. One of my favs.


Not much more I can say about these other than they are a childhood staple. Do yourself a favor and continue to build your child’s LEGO set so their creations can grow.

Board Games

Boards games are fun during playdates or family nights. This game is a lot for kindergartners and a great starter board game.

Hands-On Learning Games

Run your own detective agency with this fun game that is compatible with an iPad or Fire Tablet. Travel to six famous cities, inspect hundreds of clues with your magnifying glass, and learn about geography and cultures around the world!

Floor Puzzles

Doing larger more complicated puzzles is a lot of fun at this age. This floor or jumbo puzzle is a great shift for kindergartners moving away from smaller puzzles but still need large pieces.

Garbage Truck Toy

Still little kids, building on their truck and car collection is great for kindergartners. These toys are great for incorporating into more complex play scenarios.

Pop-Up Tent

Create a little reading nook for your kindergartner with a pop tent. These are great ways for your little one to show their personality. Let them decorate it with their favourite stuffed animals, dolls or action figures.


Whether they are playing with you or with their friends walkie-talkies are a toys for kindergartners. These are great for outdoor or indoor play.

Fort Building Kits

Oh this is one of my favourite toys no only because it keeps the cushions on my couch but also because it keeps them engaged for so long. Design and build and play – such as great combination in a toy!

Race Track

A racetrack they can build and get creative with. I like this because it lights up. Take it into he basement and watch the car race in the dark!

Outdoor Excavator Toy

Such a fun for some many reasons. Allows your kindergartner to pretend to be working on a construction site. The best part is that you can also use this in the snow! Your kids will quickly become obsessed with this toy.

Marble Run

A lot of and a great fine motor and spatial reasoning toy. This takes Pom Pom drops to a whole new level.

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