Easter Bunny Sticky Wall

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EASTER BUNNY STICKY WALL is fun and easy Easter activity using one of my favourite activity supply items – contact paper.

This activity was so fun and my happy kindergartner really got into it too!


Here’s how to set up your Easter Bunny Sticky Wall

On the back of the contact paper (not the paper backing but on the non-sticky side of the contact paper), draw the outline of an Easter Bunny. Don’t worry about how it looks, trust me your little one will enjoy this activity no matter how well you draw.

My 13 month twins love animals so to make the Easter Bunny inviting to them I made sure it’s eyes were big and cute. And it worked. As soon as they saw it they were all over it!

Grab your cotton balls and place them in a container for easy access!

Taping up the Bunny

Peel the back off the contact paper and use painter’s tape or masking tape to attach it to the wall or window with the sticky side facing out.

Next, I showed my twins how to stick the cotton balls on the Easter bunny to give it white fluffy fur! My happy four year old joined in on the fun and was a great help showing the twins how to cover the entire Easter Bunny in cotton balls!

Tactile Sensory Experience

The twins loved sticking their fingers on the sticky contact paper as well as playing with the cotton balls. They occasionally tried to put them in their mouth but quickly realized they did not taste very good. I also actively discouraged it.

If your baby still puts things in their mouth, be sure to keep a close eye on them during this activity.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Have your little one dab the cotton balls on the sticky paper. They can either stick the entire cotton ball on or they can dab it so that little bits of the cotton ball stay.

The cotton balls are pretty amazing and you don’t need too many to cover the entire Easter Bunny.

The cotton balls are pretty amazing on contact paper. You don’t need too many to cover the entire Easter Bunny!

Total Hit

This was a total hit with the twins and with my four year old! It is very easy to set up and is a great fine motor skill activity that only requires just a few supplies.

Easter Bunny Sticky Wall is a great activity that is appropriate for both young toddlers and bigger kids!

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