Farm Sensory & Discovery Bag

Create a super fun discovery and sensory bag for your toddler using their favourite farm puzzle pieces. It’s an amazing way to learn animals and the sounds they make.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

Learning about animals and the sounds they make is often one of the first learning outcomes for toddlers. Most songs, nursery rhymes and story books centre around animals and farm animals, in particular.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

My twin toddlers love to play with toy animals and pointing to animals in books. They, of course, love playing with our many farm animal puzzles. So I decided to create a fun sensory and discovery activity for them where they could find and identify familiar farm animals.

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How to Create a Farm Sensory & Discovery Bag

Take a large ziploc bag (I use gallon sized ziplock bags for activities like this) and fill it half way with either bird seed or oats.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

Next, add the puzzle pieces into the bag. I used puzzle pieces that did not have the small knob on top. I would recommend using pieces that do not have the knob so that the likelihood of the knob poking a hole into the ziploc bag while your little one is playing is reduced.

farm sensory and discovery bag

If all your farm puzzle pieces have little knobs on them, you can still use them I would just watch your little one closely while they play to ensure that a hole is not created.

Toddlers playing and pointing to a pig

Seal the bag while removing all the air and lay it flat. Check to make sure that you have enough filler to cover all the puzzle pieces. If you need more, add more and reseal. Secure the top of the bag with duct tape and lay it flat.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

With your hands spread out the bird seed or oats so that it covers all the puzzle pieces.

Ways to Play with Your Farm Sensory & Discovery Bag

This was an immediate hit with my twins and something they played with and brought to me to play with for several days after I first introduced it.

Toddlers playing and pointing to a cow

To uncover the animals, I used my finger to move the bird seed around in order to find the farm animal puzzle pieces. When I found one I would show my 18 month old twins and ask them what animal was it and what sound did it make.

Toddlers playing and pointing to a cow and saying moo
A cow says “moo”!!

They absolutely love this and giggled and laughed and made the animals noises whenever I uncovered a new animal.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

My 18 month old twins had a little trouble using their fingers to uncover the animals themselves so I mostly did it for them. But older toddlers (2 and 3 year olds) would definitely be able to use their fingers to push the bird seed or oats to find and discover the animals.

How to Remove the White Label on Ziploc Bags

You can remove the white label on ziploc bags using an alcohol wipe. Dip a paper towel or cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and rub off the white label on the ziploc bag. This of course is not necessary but it does create a clearer and unobstructed view through the bag of the sensory activity.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

Skill Development Opportunities

This activity is great for Language and Vocabulary Development, Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Play and Imaginative Play, Problem Solving, Emotional Development, Trial & Error, Visual Perception and Cognitive Development.

Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

Age Suitability

This activity is ideal for 15 month old babies to 3 year old preschoolers.


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Toddlers playing with a farm sensory and discovery bag

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  1. Anne Manarin

    Thank you so much for your super cute ideas! I am a special needs pre-k teacher and this year our kiddos benefit more from toddler level activities. Your ideas are fun, simple, and inviting. I appreciate you leaving your CPA job to creating and sharing your ideas. 🙂

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