Easy Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft for Kids is a fun and easy art project for kids this Easter! Create a beautiful textured Easter egg using pom poms!

Easter Crafts

Doing crafts for Easter is a lot of fun with little and big kids. There are so many different themes you can choose. You can make an Easter Bunny, decorate Easter eggs or branch out and go a more spring route and create spring chicks or even sheep! Check out this fun way to create an Easter egg with your little one. It makes a beautiful textured art project that even toddlers can enjoy. Plus its super easy to set up and clean up.

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How to Make a Pom Pom Easter egg

Grab all your cardboard and scissors or box cutters. Cut out a few eggs shapes in different sizes. You can have your little one paint a few of the cardboard eggs using washable kids paint or tempera paint for older kids. Set them aside to dry.

You can also doing this activity with thick coloured construction paper.

Optional: Use a pencil to draw line decorations on your cardboard Easter eggs. Your little one can follow the lines with the glue to create their Pom Poms.

Alternatively, you can let your little one glue the Pom Poms how ever they like. I find this works well with young artists!

Decorate your cardboard Easter eggs with Pom Poms by applying glue and then sticking the Pom Poms directly in the glue and holding it for a few seconds.

Get Creative with you Pom Pom Easter egg

There is no right or wrong way to create your Pom Pom Easter egg that is the beauty of this art project. For older kids that want o create a more structured design, you can help them create one or let them design it on their own. For younger artist (toddlers and preschoolers), they can create stunning eggs simply by gluing Pom Poms where they see fit!

Age Suitability

My twins are 3 years old at the time of this activity. This activity is ideal for 2 year old toddlers to 4 year old preschoolers.

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  • Cardboard or colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pom poms
  • Paint and brush (optional)


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