DIY Flip Book for Toddlers

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Turn a favourite board book into a fun toddler flip book in this easy DIY learning activity that can help develop their vocabulary!

Toddler activity using board books

Create a fun peekaboo activity with your toddler’s board books using post-it notes! It’s a great way to practice learning animals, shapes, colours and more!

Toddler activity using board books

Looking for other fun and easy toddler activities using post-it notes? Check out Post-It Push or Peekaboo Puzzles or this easy post-it matching activity.

Turn your Board Book Into a Fun Peekaboo Game

DIY Flip Book for Toddlers

This activity is pretty easy to set up. It works best with the board books that help your little one learn their first 100 words.

Toddler activity using board books

Each page of this book has a single theme, such as farm animals, shapes, colours or food.

Toddler Flip Book Easy Set Up

Take your child’s board book and stick post it notes over the pictures. Choose a page with the vocabulary you want your toddler to work on or a page they love to look at.

Toddler activity using board books

My twins, especially my daughter, really loves animals so we stuck to the farm and wild animal pages.

DIY Flip Book for Toddlers

She absolutely loved this. I could not put the post-it notes on the pictures fast enough. Hence the blurry pictures!

DIY Flip Book for Toddlers

As she pulled off each post it note, I asked her to name the animals, after a short pause I would name it for her and say the sounds they made.

Building Vocabulary in Toddlers

We all know that toddler flip books are a great way to build build your toddlers’ vocabulary but they never last more than one child! Use this fun and easy method to help your little one learn new words without worrying about them destroying their favorite flip book!

Fun and Easy Activity

This was a real hit with my twin toddlers and it was so simple to set up!

DIY Flip Book for Toddlers


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DIY Flip Book for Toddlers

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