24+ Easy Easter Sensory Bins

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Here is a great list of 24+ fun and easy Easter Sensory Bins! They are all great ways to play and entertain toddlers and preschoolers this spring!

Easter is a time of joy, color, and, most importantly, fun activities that can engage children in more ways than one. Among the plethora of activities available, Easter sensory bins stand out as a fantastic way to blend the festive spirit with educational play. These bins are not just about keeping little hands busy; they’re a gateway to exploring textures, colors, and the concept of Easter in a tactile and visually stimulating manner. Whether you’re a parent looking for a creative afternoon project or a teacher aiming to incorporate seasonal themes into your curriculum, Easter sensory bins offer a versatile solution that’s as enjoyable to make as they are to play with.

The beauty of Easter sensory bins lies in their simplicity and the endless possibilities they present. By combining various elements that capture the essence of Easter, these bins can become miniature worlds for children to explore. From fluffy cotton ball bunny tails to shiny, smooth plastic eggs, the range of materials that can be included is vast and varied. Not only do these bins promise a delightful sensory experience, but they also encourage curiosity and learning in a playful setting. Let’s delve into how to maximize the success of your Easter sensory bins and the valuable skills children can learn through this engaging activity.

24+ Easter Sensory Bins

Here is a great round-up of 24+ fast and easy Easter sensory bin ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergartners!

Easter Chick Sensory Bin

Bring the farmyard into your home with an Easter chick sensory bin, where fluffy, bright yellow chicks hide among grains and Easter grass. This engaging sensory play setup offers a soft, tactile experience, encouraging little ones to explore textures and colors while fostering a gentle curiosity about these adorable springtime animals.

Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt

Turn your Easter egg hunt into a captivating science experiment with a magnetic twist! Kids will love using magnets to discover hidden treasures inside their eggs, blending the excitement of the hunt with the wonder of magnetism.

Easter Egg Magnetic Mazes

Navigate Easter eggs through homemade mazes using the power of magnets! This fun activity combines the joy of Easter with the challenge of a maze, perfect for little problem solvers.

Easter Eggs Rescue

Embark on a rescue mission to save Easter eggs trapped in a variety of obstacles and materials! This adventurous activity encourages children to think creatively and work on their problem-solving skills.

Easter Egg Boat Craft and Water Play

Set sail into creativity with Easter egg boats that are as fun to make as they are to play with in water. This crafty water play activity invites kids to explore buoyancy and design, all wrapped up in Easter excitement.

Easter Egg Sensory Play: Pretend Cooking

Whip up some pretend Easter treats with an egg-themed sensory cooking station! Children will delight in cracking open their imagination while developing fine motor skills and engaging in role-play.

Snow Easter Egg Hunt

Who says Easter hunts are only for the grass? Take the excitement to the snow for a chilly twist on the classic egg hunt, adding a layer of mystery and adventure to the search.

Coloured Rice Easter Sensory Bin

Dive into a vibrant world of colored rice and hidden Easter surprises in this sensory bin. It’s a visual and tactile feast that encourages exploration and fine motor development.

Oats & Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Mix the natural texture of oats with the bright colors of Easter eggs for a sensory bin that’s simple yet engaging. This activity offers a soothing sensory experience while promoting curiosity and discovery.

Easter Water Table

Transform your water table into an Easter-themed play station where kids can splash, pour, and explore with egg-shaped water toys and more. It’s a refreshing way to celebrate the season while honing in on those essential motor skills.

Matching Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Combine the thrill of an Easter egg hunt with the educational value of matching games in this sensory bin. Free printable Easter eggs add a customizable touch to this activity, perfect for a variety of age groups.

Glowing Water Beads Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Illuminate playtime with glowing water beads and Easter eggs for a sensory bin that lights up the room. This visually stunning activity will captivate children’s attention and spark their imagination like never before.

Easter Sensory Bin

Create an Easter-themed sensory bin filled with items that symbolize the season, from bunnies to chicks and everything in between. It’s a hands-on way to explore the symbols of Easter while engaging in sensory play.

Beans and Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Dive into a rustic sensory experience with a Beans and Easter Eggs Sensory Bin, where the contrasting textures of smooth, colorful Easter eggs and dry, earthy beans promise a fascinating exploration. This simple yet effective sensory bin invites children to scoop, sort, and discover, enhancing fine motor skills while igniting their imagination in a hands-on, playful environment.

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Get messy with a shaving cream sensory bin that’s as fun to touch as it is to look at. Adding Easter eggs to the mix provides a festive twist on tactile play.

Wash the Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Set up a mini car wash for Easter eggs, where kids can scrub, rinse, and clean their way to sparkling treasures. This sensory play activity not only entertains but also teaches valuable life skills.

Easter Egg Water Sensory Play

Dive into a refreshing sensory experience with an Easter egg-themed water play setup. It’s the perfect way to explore the wonders of water while celebrating the Easter season.

Simple Easter Sensory Bin with Funnels and Plastic Eggs

Introduce a simple yet engaging Easter sensory bin featuring funnels and plastic eggs, perfect for pouring and transferring activities. This setup encourages spatial reasoning and fine motor skills in a playful context.

Rainbow Egg Letter Matching Easter Sensory Bin

Merge color learning with letter recognition in this rainbow egg-themed sensory bin. It’s an engaging way to practice alphabet skills while enjoying the bright colors of Easter.

Easter Egg Soup Sensory Bin

Stir up a batch of imaginative play with an Easter Egg Soup Sensory Bin, where children can mix, pour, and pretend to cook with vibrant Easter eggs and water. This playful culinary adventure not only delights the senses with its bright colors and splashing sounds but also nurtures creativity and role-playing skills, serving up a feast of fun and learning in one engaging activity.

Easter Basket Sensory Soup

Create a whimsical sensory soup using items from an Easter basket, inviting children to stir, mix, and pour their way through imaginative play. It’s a tactile adventure that encourages exploration and creativity.

Jelly Bean Sensory Bin: Color Sorting Easter Activity

Sort and play with a colorful array of jelly beans in this sensory bin designed for visual and tactile exploration. It’s a sweet way to develop color recognition and fine motor skills.

Surprise Easter Sensory Activity

Unveil a world of surprises with a sensory bin that keeps kids guessing what Easter delights they’ll find next. This activity sparks curiosity and excitement, making it a hit among the little ones.

Giant Easter Sensory Bin

Go big with a giant Easter sensory bin that offers ample space for exploration, play, and discovery. It’s a grand way to celebrate the season while catering to a wide range of sensory preferences.

Easter Sensory Play for Kids

Create an inviting space for Easter sensory play that’s sure to captivate kids’ imaginations. From tactile bins to creative crafts, there’s something for every child to explore and enjoy.

Egg Hunt and Count

Combine the excitement of an egg hunt with the educational twist of counting and math skills. This activity not only adds a layer of challenge but also turns learning into a fun Easter adventure.

Easter Egg Sensory Bag

Craft a mess-free wonderland with an Easter sensory bag, filled with colorful gel, sparkling sequins, and small, festive shapes like bunnies and eggs. This squishy, vibrant bag provides a safe, engaging way for babies and toddlers to explore Easter themes through touch and sight, stimulating their senses while keeping cleanup to a minimum.


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