30+ Rescue Mission Toddler Activities

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Inside: 30+ Rescue Mission Toddler Activities is a round up of all the best rescue activities for toddlers. From rescuing musical instruments and nature from giant water beads and letters, there are so many ways to set up a rescue mission for your toddler.

Let’s talk rescue missions. What exactly are they? They are activities where your toddler has an easy objective they can understand. That’s what they are. They are the type of activities that most toddlers can’t resist. The cause and effect element of the activity is immediate and they get a ‘reward’ every time they play. In short, they are one of the best types of toddler activities.

Convinced yet? OK how about this – rescue mission activities are also super easy to set up and clean up! They also will help improve fine motor skills and you can incorporate any learning goal you may have.

Check out the list below for some amazing activities!

The Best Rescue Mission Activities for Toddlers

Free the Musical Instruments Toddler Activity (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Vinegar-free Fizzy Car Rescue (Fun At Home With Kids)

Animal Rescue Transfer Activity (Busy Toddler)

Lego Ice Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue {salt, water, & ice play} (Mama.Papa.Bubba)

Free the Zoo Animals (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Washi Tape Unicorn Rescue Activity (Toddler At Play)

Finding Dory Summer Ice Rescue Sensory Play (Squirrels of a Feather)

Nature Rescue: Fine Motor Nature Hunt Activity (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Alphabet Rescue Mission for Letter Recognition (Entertain Your Toddler)

Mermaid Ice Excavation (Mama.Papa.Bubba)

Pom Pom Rescue (My Bored Toddler)

Rescue the Sea Creatures: Fine Motor Activity (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Laundry Basket Toy Rescue (Team Cartwright)

Alphabet Rescue & Match Activity for Toddlers (Happy Toddler Playtime)

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Giant Water Bead Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)

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Icy Blizzard Car Rescue (Mama.Papa.Bubba)

Rubber Band Favourite TV Character Rescue – Easy Fine Motor Activity (Mom Wife Wine)

Dinosaur Rescue Sensory Bin (Busy Toddler)

Magical Animals Search and Rescue Pretend Play (Little World Big Adventures)

Play Dough Animal Rescue and Puzzle (Entertain Your Toddler)

Rescuing Toy Trains from Ice (Play Trains)

Free the Animals: Scissors Skills Activity (Itty Bitty Sunshine)

Easter Egg Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Washi Tape Egg Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Spider Web Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Spider Web Fine Motor Activity (Fun Learning for Kids)

Oobleck Spider Rescue (Happy Toddler Playtime)


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