Frozen Lego

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An Ice Sensory Bin

The best sensory bin activities in the summer always involve something cool and wet.


In Frozen Lego your little one wont be playing with Elsa but instead with colourful ice cubes of Lego!


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Free Play

When I told my almost 4 year old that we were going to play with frozen Lego she got very excited. I honestly did not have a plan for exactly how she was going to play with it, I wanted to leave that part open ended.


So on the next warm spring day out came the frozen Lego in a simple sensory bin (see details below).


She absolutely loved it and played with it until everything was completely melted.


Can You Melt the Ice?

I gave her a cup of warm water to help with the melting process but you can also give them salt for an added STEM element.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Frozen Lego:


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Directions to Make Frozen Lego

Choose an array of colourful Lego or Duplo Blocks. I used Duplo simply because of the age of my daughter we haven’t gotten into Lego yet. The Duplo is a little big for the regular sized ice cube tray I had so if you have Lego use it. The Duplo works but Lego would be even better.


I also had a larger ice cube tray where the Duplo fit beautifully. The larger tray also created larger blocks of ice giving my daughter lots of variety.


I filled the ice trays with water and placed them in the freezer over night.


Once the water has frozen I placed the frozen ice cubes into a bowl and placed it in a sensory bin.

Creating the Sensory Bin

Since I wanted to keep this simple and open ended I asked her what she wanted in the sensory bin. She choose a few play kitchen supplies like pots and pans and cups. I also added spoons and slotted spoons, as well as some fine motor tools like eye droppers, a turkey baster, syringe. Finally I gave her a jar of warm water to melt the frozen Lego!


Great Activity to Beat the Summer Heat!

She absolutely loved this activity. She would shout out to me whenever she completely freed a block of Lego from ice! We will definitely be doing this again as the days get hotter!



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