25 Easy DIY Advent Calendars for Kids

UPDATED 2021: 25+ easy and creative DIY advent calendars for kids that are simple to create and super fun for toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids. Great ideas that you can create using supplies at home or that you can get at the dollar store.

The Best DIY Advent Calendars

Whether you like it or not the countdown to Christmas has begun! The anticipation that goes along with this season is largely what makes it so special! A great way to savour that suspense is through Advent calendars which is why I created a roundup of the best DIY ideas for your get inspired by! From simple muffin time calendars to DIY Lego structures!

There is a calendar here that you will be able to create and one your little one will enjoy! No need to spend money on an expensive advent calendar (if that’s not your thing). You can easily put one together that will spark joy and excitement in your child.

Simple and fun Advent calendar ideas

These DIY Advent calendar ideas are particularly good if you have multiple kids. Purchasing advent calendars can get expensive! I have three kids so I know the feeling! Creating a calendar for each that is simple and fun is a great way to keep yourself on budget this season.

OK! Are you ready to have a look at all these fun ideas! Take a peak now and save them for them later. You probably already have a lot of the supples required for these ideas and for the things you don’t have you can pick them up at the dollar store whenever you are there next. So simple and easy!

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25+ Simple and Creative Advent Calendars for Kids

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