LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin

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INSIDE: LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin is a fun and easy sensory bin activity that your toddler or preschooler is going to love! Let them build and then wash their LEGO trucks and cars in their very own carwash!

LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin

Water Sensory Bins

I love a good water sensory bin and this LEGO car wash sensory bin is no exception. When I had the idea I honestly couldn’t believe that I hadn’t though of it before! Of course! Washing LEGO! So fun! I have frozen lego before but never washed it like in this activity.

We used our DUPLO LEGO set for this activity. This was perfect because we had a number vehicles with that set to use in the activity. So many that there was a line up of cars to get into the car wash (pretty much exactly like a real car wash!)

LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin

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LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin

How to Set Up Lego Car Wash Sensory Bin

  1. I wish I had thought about letting my toddler build the car wash themselves before doing this activity. For preschoolers, I would let them build it themselves. They can design their own car wash. You can show them this picture for inspiration.
LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin
  1. Using foam sheets create the foam washing brushes so iconic to car washes. I also created a small sign saying Car wash.
LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin
  1. Attached these to the front of the car wash using duct tape. NOTE: As my toddler played the adhesive on the tape started to give and I eventually removed the the foam washing brushes. But it did not effect how much fun they still had with this activity.
LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin
  1. Next prepare two squeeze bottles. The first will have a small amount of washable brown paint and the rest with water to create the “dirt” your child will put on the cars and trucks. (If you are doing this activity outside your could create a watery mud solution for them to squeeze on. The second squeeze bottle will have soapy water in it.
LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin
  1. Hand your toddler or preschooler a few sponges and let them play!

How They Played with the LEGO Car Wash Sensory Bin

First off, this was an instant hit and I had to refill the squeeze bottles with “dirt” and soap several times. I didn’t want to give them larger containers of these materials since it would have created a large mess. The squeeze bottles are a great fine motor tool and they also helped to contain the mess.

They loved dirty up the cars and then scrubbing them clean again with the soapy water and sponges! We did this activity inside in the winter but I plan to do it again this summer outside!

Age Suitability

This activity is good for kids 2.5 years and up . My kids are 3, 3, and 6 year old.

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