Process Art Activities for Kids

Here is a massive list of 70+ of the BEST and MOST FUN process art activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners!

What is process art? It a piece of art where the finished product isn’t the primary goal instead the creative process is emphasized. Check out this wonderful article that discuss more about what process art is and why it’s important.


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Process Art Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Ball Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Sock Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

DIY Paintbrushes for Kids – Parenting Chaos

Lipstick Resist Process Art Activity – Moms and Crafters

LEGO Printing – Happy Toddler Playtime

Toddler Art with Flour Paint – Simple Fun For Kids

An Invitation to Give Mom a Minute – Days with Grey

Balloons and Sharpies: A Creative Table – Mama.Papa.Bubba

Balloon Printing Process Art – Happy Toddler Playtime

Painting on Foil: An Easy Art Activity Inspired by Van Gogh – Messy Little Monsters

Messy Process Art for Toddlers – Artfully Adventuring

Fork Printing Process Art – Happy Toddler Playtime

Fireworks Salt Painting for Preschoolers – Finding Myself Young

Snap Painting: Process Art for Preschoolers – Walking by the Way

Shape Printing Process Art – Happy Toddler Playtime

Painting Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Racing Rainbow Painting Cars – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Tile Art for Kids That Everyone Will Enjoy – Best Tile Art Idea – Natural Beach Living

Dinosaur Painting on Foil – Craft Kids at Home

Farm Animal Process Art Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Painting on the Lawn – Simple Play Ideas

Shaving Cream Painting Process Art for Preschoolers – Fun with Mama

Circle Process Art Painting – School Time Snippets

Bubble Wrap Stamps – Arty Crafty Kids

Painting with Dinosaurs – Happy Toddler Playtime

More Fun Process Art Activities for Kids

Butterfly Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Citrus Painting Process Art – Rhythms of Play

Painting with Nature Process Art – Kids Craft Room

Sensory Stomp Painting with Bubble Wrap – View from the Step Stool

Leaf Prints Process Art – Parenting Chaos

Rainy Day Splatter Painting – Mama.Papa.Bubba

Nature Paint Brushes – Messy Little Monster

Q-Tip Texture Art for Kids – Crafty Kids at Home

Process Art: Painting with Liquid Watercolours and Droppers – Buggy and Buddy

Train Track Prints – Play Teach Repeat

Car Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Printed Tissue Paper Art – Kids Craft Room

Q-Tip Painting for Kids Using Watercolors – Buggy and Buddy

Drawing with Wet Chalk – The Craft Train

Painting Trees with Toddlers and Preschoolers – Pink Stripey Socks

Pipe Cleaner Painting Fine Motor Activity – Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Fizzy Painting – STEM Process Art Activity – Taming Littler Monster

Art for Kids: Cardboard Canvas – Mama Smiles

Recycled Art Process Art – Moss Wood Connections

Cardboard Roll Printing – Teach Me Mommy

Still More Easy Process Art Activities for 2 – 6 year olds!

Paint the Horses – Happy Toddler Playtime

Colour Mixing Sensory Play – Day with Grey

Watercolor Paint Fabric Art – The Art Kit

Finger Painting Prints – Walking by the Way

Magnetic Painting: Five Minute Craft – Left Brain Craft Brain

Nature Painting Kids Art Project – Green Kids Crafts

Soap Foam Printing: Brilliant Messy Art for Kids – Fire Flies and Mud Pies

Sensory Process Art with Recycled Materials – Views from the Step Stool

Rainbow Flower Craft using Spin Art – Messy Little Monster

Exploring the Senses: Painting with Tea Bags – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Decorate the Diaper Process Art – Happy Toddler Playtime

Sponge Painting Process Art – Busy Toddler

Yarn Stamp Art – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Easy Butterfly Art – Arty Crafty Kids

Painting Clouds Sensory Activity – Sugar Spice and Glitter

How to Make a Mud Pie: Nature Art Activity – Rhythms of Play

Watercolor Resist with Masking Fluid – Sacred Acres Blog

Rainbow Comb Painting – The Imagination Tree

Body Paint Process Art – Busy Toddler

Pop-Up Paper Plate Rainbows – Pink Stripey Socks

Easter Egg Drip Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Paint the Trash – Busy Toddler

Runaway Process Art for Preschoolers – Walking by the Way

Water Gun Painting – Messy Little Monsters

Painting with a Spatula – My Bored Toddler

Indoor Rain Painting for Preschoolers – Crafty Kids at Home

Roller Painting for Kids – Adventure in a Box

Paper Plate Twist Process Art for Kids – Buggy and Buddy

Easy Bubbles Art Activity for Toddlers – Mommy’s Bundle

Line Painting Process Art – Play Teach Repeat

Bubble Painting – Glitter on a Dime


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