40+ Non-Food Sensory Bins for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Inside: You’ll find 40+ non-food sensory bins for toddlers and preschoolers. Sensory play ideas for kids using non-food sensory bin fillers from paint to yarn, shaving cream, clean mud and more! Fun and easy ideas to entertain and educate your toddler or preschooler without using food.

Using food for sensory play is a convenient and easy way to keep young children especially babies and toddlers busy. But if you are looking for equally as fun non-food sensory bin ideas, this is the list for you. I have put together a great list of sensory bins you can do at home or in the classroom.

Although using ice and water make great sensory bin fillers I tried to limit their use in this list. But they do make an appearance. They do make one of the best non-food sensory bin fillers after all! Here you’ll also find other creative items you probably would not think to put into a sensory bin like lego, nuts and bolts and paper! Plus, you will have access to the creative ways to play with those sensory bin fillers!

40+ Non-Food Sensory Bins

Pom Poms

Pom Poms in Water – Happy Toddler Playtime

Frozen Pom Poms – Happy Toddler Playtime

Rainbow Colour Sorting Sensory Bin – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Pom Pom Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Pom Pom Bubble Foam Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Pom Pom Kitchen – Happy Toddler Playtime


Super Easy Slime Recipe – Simple Sensory Play – Pickle Bum

One-Step Slime Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Water & Ice

Sponge Letter Match – Happy Toddler Playtime

Caps Kitchen – Happy Toddler Playtime

Flower Soup Sensory – Happy Toddler Playtime

Lego Soup – And Next Comes L

Colour Mixing Tea Party – Happy Toddler Playtime

Frozen Caps – Happy Toddler Playtime

Frozen Lego – Happy Toddler Playtime


ABC Birdseed Sensory Bin – Teach Me Mommy

Birdseed Kitchen Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime


Craft Sand Sensory Bin – Little Bins for Little Hands

Sand and Gems Sensory Play – The Keepers of Memories

Kinetic Sand Sensory Bin – Days with Grey

Kinetic Sand Construction Site – Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds


Animal World – Busy Toddler

Clean Mud Sensory Bin – Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Clean the Cars – Busy Toddlers

Water Beads in Mud – Happy Toddler Playtime


Paint Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Mega Blok Painting – Happy Toddler Playtime

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream Sensory Bin – Magic for Kids – Taming Little Monsters

Stone Washing Sensory Bin – Happy Toddler Playtime

Under the Sea Sensory Bin with Frozen Shaving Cream – Hello, Wonderful

Shaving Cream and Pool Noodles – Parenting Chaos

Shaving Cream and Easter Eggs – Happy Toddler Playtime

Bubble Foam

Mega Blok Washing – Happy Toddler Playtime

Rainbow Soup Bubble Foam – Hello, Wonderful

Bubble Foam – Busy Toddler

Pony Beads

Playing and Learning with Bead Sensory Bins – Artsmommy

Fill the Alphabet with Pony Beads – Happy Toddler Playtime

Other Fun Ideas

Tubes and Caps – Happy Toddler Playtime

Yarn Kitchen – Happy Toddler Playtime

Pet Frog Sensory Bin with Aquarium Rocks – Fun-A-Day

Dinosaur Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

Watermelon Sensory Bin – Fun and Fantastic Learning

Sea Themed Sensory Play – The Art Kit Blog

Seaside Sensory Bin with pool noodles – The Chaos and the Clutter

Nuts and Bolts Sensory Bin – Best Toys 4 Toddlers

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